Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wild Flowers & Birdhouse

Wild flowers in a jug beside a weathered bird house.
Nestled in a salvaged crate, then hung on a fence in the yard.
Simple, yet beautiful.

From Old School Desk to Bedroom Beauty

This cute little vanity started as an old painted orange, flip-top desk with square legs. I changed the legs added some applique's, crackle paint, trim and an old shaving mirror. Under the glass I printed off some vintage postcards I found on the Internet. It's really a darling little piece!

A Steal of a Deal Antique Radio

Here is an old radio I found at an Antique Store. They weren't asking very much for it, so I thought I'd take and see what comes to mind. I'm thinking about making a lamp out of it. Any suggestions?

Old Farm Rake

This was picked up at my friend's fathers farm. What a gold mine of relics he had there. I put some flowers and a ribbon on it and hung it on my shed door.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Antique Wash Basin

I picked up this wash basin (looking around discreetly) shhhhhh..... out of the garbage of an antique market that was closing down. It was just outside with the trash! Just lying there! I felt sorry for it. It needed a home. It was so .... unloved.

I needed a base and tried a few different things on it, but I liked the way this old set of carriage wheels looked with it.
I picked up the wheels at an outdoor country market sale.  I think I paid a dollar or two for them.I added some foam in the bottom and arranged some very natural looking flowers in it, then placed a piece of glass on top.

Sorry.... no 'during' pictures... this post was from the days when I just took befores and afters!


Yes.... the hideous shed roof has finally been redone since this picture. FINALLY!

Participating over at It's So Very Cheri

The Great Outdoors

Yeah, I know.
The Shed roof is this years project.

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