Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cane Back Chairs on the Lighter Side

These chairs are beautiful.  Although I love to paint just about anything, I honestly have a problem painting furniture that is in great condition.  Most furniture I take a brush to is in dire need of improvement, and that usually comes with paint.  But these chairs were in very good condition. 
But you see … I’ve created a bit of a paint monster – my mother.  Since painting her buffet, ( in case you missed that you can see that HERE).  I’ve spied her looking around her place for more furniture to paint… “to compliment the hutch, as it were”.  
I just know there’s more to come.
So here are the Louis Cane Back chairs, in great condition but needing a lift.louis cane back chair 006

Monday, August 15, 2011

Night Stands with Panels

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember a backsplash we did.  If not, see it here. The backsplash came from 1005 Design, a new idea in kitchen backsplashes. After doing the backsplash I knew there could be other uses for these decorative panels.  Jana at 1005 Design was nice enough to send me a couple to work with.
And what did I do with them ..?
Well here is the project.  A couple of nightstands /end tables .. plain, nothing spectacular.
night stands 009

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Armoire Redo in Milk Paint

Mr. Charming actually brought this Armoire home for me one weekend.
Some women like jewelry, some like flowers, I like old furniture wrecks, and my sweetie knows that. Y
So this post will cover a couple of things ~
1. A vintage armoire gets a makeover and a new purpose. 
2. I’ll cover how to use Milk Paint.
I know everyone has jumped on the Chalk Paint bandwagon, but I happen to think that although the paint might be great, the paint itself is costly. Couple that with shipping costs and a quart of paint could cost $50 or more.
I’ve been wanting to try Milk Paint for some time. Thankfully I found a local Manufacturer for Milk Paint and went and picked up a few bags. Jennylyn was incredibly helpful.  She went over the instructions, the different finishes for it and the TON of colors available, (and if you can’t find a color you like for some reason, just mix up some powders to make your own). Here are some of the products I picked up at Homestead House Paint Co.
armoire milk paint 006a

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