Sunday, August 22, 2010

Night Stands in Metallic of course!

I’ve officially entered my “metallic” phase.
The Metallic Gold Vanity/Dresser sold before I even had the chance to list it. (Thank you Rosemary & Sara).
My next project was a set of night stands/end tables, that I then had a request to do in metallic silver. I eagerly obliged!
I’ve run amok with metallic paint.
This is what they look like in their original condition
Not bad little tables really.  But not without signs of obvious wear and tear.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 002
In addition to all the scuffs and scrapes, the marble had scratches and coffee cup rings, and yet I chose to cover up the marble as if to protect it for some reason.  I knew it wasn’t going to match the new metallic look, but I thought, what the heck.. maybe I can work some magic later on.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 005
First start with a coat of primer.  Then on to two coats of metallic silver.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 007
I mixed up a batch of antique glaze.  I used Lowes brand, Valspar Antique glaze, but I added a little more clear glaze to it to thin it out and spread the color a little thinner.  Below are drawers, one unglazed and the glazed one on the right.  In my opinion metallic paint on it's own can be overwhelmingly bright, so I always tone it down with glaze.  This application gave the piece a stainless steel look.
Paint on the glaze then wipe it down with a damp rag. 
Silver Metallic Night Stands 011
I also dry brush it all over to really smooth and even out the glaze.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 010a
Silver Metallic Night Stands 013
As you can see below, the top section has been glazed the bottom has not.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 014a
This has been finished all over.Silver Metallic Night Stands 021a
And as expected the marble just looks BLAHHHHHHH
Silver Metallic Night Stands 026a
Time for a change.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 030a
As for the hardware, I really wanted glass knobs, but that was not meant to be.  The doors were too close together to allow for any knobs at all, so I worked with the originals but sprayed them a pewter color.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 034-horz
And of course… the after shots. There are two tables, but we’ll show one.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 047a
Silver Metallic Night Stands 053a
With the addition of the mirror on top, this piece has been brought back to life.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 061a Silver Metallic Night Stands 065a
Silver Metallic Night Stands 048ajpg Silver Metallic Night Stands 045a
Silver Metallic Night Stands 059a
Unfortunately for me, they’re spoken for.
Silver Metallic Night Stands 063a
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Gold Vanity Dresser

Well I finally did it.  I finally finished a vanity that I had stored for about a year. There are many reasons NOT to store something that long before finishing it. Topping the list is the fact that ultimately something gets ruined or broken.  R.I.P Mirror.
antique vanity1
I decided on gold for this Vanity.
Gold Antique Vanity 001a
Most times when using a metallic paint, I like to tone down the brightness with a glaze. I had a glaze that I used for my kitchen cabinet doors already mixed and stored. It’s a great brown.
Gold Antique Vanity 005a
Paint on the glaze with a brush and wipe it off with a cloth.  Gold Antique Vanity 006
Now it’s a nice rich gold.
Gold Antique Vanity 012a
Add some great scrapbooking paper and modge podge.
Gold Antique Vanity 013a
Enter lonely, hideous, banged-up stool. This poor friendless fella was hiding in the dark corner of a Goodwill Store, ashamed, I’m sure of its dated clothing.
Gold Antique Vanity 008
Getting ready for its ‘gold’ star treatment.Gold Antique Vanity 014a
I took off fabric # 1 and was left with this peach material, but I ended up taking that off as well.  Good thing I did. There was a thick layer of dust under it. I actually stripped it to the bare wood underneath.  Oh, and don’t forget to add batting to cover the foam piece.
Gold Antique Vanity 020a And finally…
Get ready for a LOT of after shots.. Accessories will probably be different in every picture.
Gold Antique Vanity 048a
Gold Antique Vanity 044c
Notice the aging of the paper on the drawer fronts.
Gold Antique Vanity 032a
I decided to do nothing but clean the handles as I thought they were perfect for the piece just as they were.
Gold Antique Vanity 088b
Each drawer was lined with paper.
Gold Antique Vanity 038a
Gold Antique Vanity 055a
Gold Antique Vanity 049a
For the middle section, I made a collage of all the paper I used for the drawer fronts and then added a piece of glass for protection.
Gold Antique Vanity 051b
 Gold Antique Vanity 063
Gold Antique Vanity 070a
My mother gave this little hand mirror to me.  She has had it for as long as I can remember.  It’s just perfect for this vanity.
Gold Antique Vanity 065a
Gold Antique Vanity 045a
I definitely think we’ve recaptured her charm.Gold Antique Vanity 046a
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy Peasy Birthday Sign

I can’t tell you how many old windows I have stacked in my shed. One by one, I’ll get to them.
This weekend was my baby’s 19th birthday.  Nadia decided to put the new fire pit patio to good use and have a party.  Decorations were minimal.  We strung lights around the yard, under the canopy and around the tire planters. But at night it all came alive.
Old Window Birthday Sign 029a
I pulled out one of the old windows from the shed and decided to make a Happy Birthday Sign for Nadia as part of the decorations.
Starting with your basic ordinary, yet fabulously old, window.
Old Window Birthday Sign 022a
Using Liquid Chalk Ink, I write my Birthday greeting.  By using this erasable chalk I can use the window over and over again, for future birthdays or any occasion. If you’ve never used these before, give them a try, they’ll really make your chalkboard pop.  They’re great on just about any surface.
chalk in
Old Window Birthday Sign 015a
The sign is hung and the lights are strung. Old Window Birthday Sign 027a Old Window Birthday Sign 020b
Old Window Birthday Sign 026a 
Happy Birthday Sweetie!happybirthdaynadia
As for all my stored old windows ?  We’ll get to those soon, but for now, this little window will be saved strictly for Chalk Ink and special messages.
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