Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What’s Old for Spring?

Well I guess it's finally here.  Sort of. 
In my neck of the woods we still wake up to frost.. but it's getting better.
My yard is starting to turn green and I'm imagining it in full bloom.
At present, my tire planters are bare, but I can see them in pretty pinks or purples again this year.

You can see more of the hanging tire project below  HERE.
shed tires with flowers 016a_thumb[8]
Tires have become a hot, artistic, recycled item lately.  Just recently I have seen interior furniture being constructed from left over tires.  Brilliant!
Here is a collection I put together over at Hometalk.   In case you haven’t been over there.. what are you waiting for ?   Hometalk is filled with home decorating tips and creations from some of the best bloggers and websites out there.
Take a look at this collection (and there are more)  at Hometalk.
old tires
Happy Recycling!   Oh and Happy Spring.
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