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Recaptured Charm came to be in May of 2009 and started soley for the purpose of chronicling my furniture before and after photos. Somewhere along the line it caught on.
I am an avid creator. I love to create, change, makeover, upcycle, redo, renovate, rejuvenate and regenerate.
Shortly after starting this blog, my posts went from simple "before and after" photos, to before, during and after.  You'll find useful how-to information and tutorials scattered throughout the site.

In a short period of time our readership has reached over 40,000 page views a month.

Our Accomplishments
Over the past couple of years Recaptured Charm has grown in leaps and bounds, being recognized and featured on many very prominent sites and by other bloggers. For a list of features and links please check out our Features and Awards page.

Our Readers

We are blessed to have the amazing readers.  Each day I receive emails with requests for tips or help with their own home projects.  Our readers are a delightfuly enthusiastic and curious bunch.  They tune into Recaptured Charm routinely to learn new techniques used on our makeovers or just to see what's up next.  Readers of Recaptured Charm consist of full time workers, to SAH moms, talented creative people, DIY'ers, decorators, home owners and people looking for that next new craze.


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