Monday, June 18, 2012

Laundry/Powder Room Progress

Betcha thought you’d never see a post on this again.  I was beginning to think that myself.  It’s been terribly busy and with some good weather and good friends, I’ve found myself socializing slightly more than I deserve to lately. 
In any case, this is the progress so far.
A recap of how my gorgeous Laundry/Powder room looked before can be found here (I can’t bear to post those pictures again).
Basically the laundry area is the bulk of the work.  The laundry room was behind two large bi-fold doors completely hidden from the rest of the washroom, and thank Heavens it was.
Unfortunately my washer and dryer each died on different occasions. The dryer was replaced first to match the washer which in turn died some months later, soooo I ended up with mismatched machines.  Not that it matters, they both do the trick.
Everything you see in this picture below had to be removed.  The washer/dryer were pulled out and set side by side, which is the way they’ll stay.  The bulkhead that separated the two parts of this room was removed.
Laundry powder room makeover1 009a

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Secretary Desk for a Writer

secretary's desk 024b
A client of mine contacted me recently with a request to do another desk for her.  I had previously done the Viridian Green Desk for Kari and now she wanted something for a  small nook her home to write her new children’s book.  Kari and her sister have one children’s book already published and she’ll be using this desk to pen a new one.  Take a moment to check out their book Margaret and the Moth Tree, you can find it at most bookstores as well as Amazon.
Margaret and the Moth Tree
Kari located the desk herself and asked me to repaint it for her.  As cute as this desk is, it was in terrible condition.  I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a piece with so many coats of paint on it…(well maybe I have).  So many, in fact, that the paint was literally flaking off in chunks.
secretary desk 004a

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