Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Yard Pictures

Random Shots. This time peeking out from the backyard to the front.
Just pictures.
backyard and tires 015c
backyard and tires 006a
backyard and tires 010a
backyard and tires 012a
backyard and tires 014a   
backyard and tires 015b Hope you all had a great weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mud Room? Maybe a Mud Patch

I was going to call this a Mud Room Makeover… but as you can see this is more like a Mud Patch. This is the entry way from the garage to the house. This was never really completed as all the baseboard in the house was changed to a 7” baseboard, but this little patch of floor seemed to get overlooked…um….. for 3 years.
So here it is. The best thing about this little landing is the beautiful oil painting done by my father years ago. This lovely will find another place in the hallway upstairs.
No baseboard, blahhhhhhhhh.
landing makeover 003
landing makeover 008a
landing makeover 010a
landing makeover 025a
landing makeover 029a I love this so much, I’ve told Mr. Charming I want to do this all over the house.
I haven’t seem him since.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I’m Vignette-ing

Just some random shots around the house on a lovely weekend.
No words.  Just pictures.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Croc Wreath

One of the greatest things about Blogland is the sharing of all sorts of fabulous ideas. We get to see so much creativity on a daily basis and incorporate it into our own lives.  A while back I saw a wreath over at Bungalow.  Debra made the cutest wreath using a pair of crocs.  Since I was in need of a new front door wreath this year, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  So here is my take on the croc wreath.
croc wreath 007a
First I started with a grapevine wreath, some ribbon, some burlap, assorted flowers, wire, glue gun and of course a small pair of crocs.
croc wreath 014a
croc wreath 016a
I wanted a very outdoor/rustic look, so I wrapped burlap around the grapevine wreath and tied it at the bottom.
croc wreath 018a    I poked holes in the bottom of the shoes to wire them together.  Since this wreath was being used outside, I wanted to make sure I used strong materials to keep it together.  I used one of the wire stems I cut from the flowers and wired the shoes.
croc wreath 021a
From there I used floral wire to secure the shoes to the wreath.
croc wreath 022a
Once the crocs are on secure, arrange your flowers any which way you like then hang it anywhere you like!
croc wreath 003a
croc wreath 001a Gotta love photo editors.  Pretty as a picture!
croc wreath 007watercolor
croc wreath 007acartoon
My neighbors TOTALLY caught me staring at my front door entirely too often tonight.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Winner! An Award, and a couple of Thank You’s

First I’d like to start off with a thank you to ALL of you who entered my first Giveaway. I was sooooo pleased to see how much interest it generated.  So pleased in fact, that I’m going to hold another giveaway very shortly~!  Perhaps another piece from my jewelry collection? I think so.
I have the best readers EVER and I wish I could give you all a necklace!  (When I win the lottery that’s exactly what I’ll do!)
But for now.. One lucky lady has won this beautiful Sterling Silver Peridot necklace.


Margo from Blue Family Scene was lucky entry number 13.
Congrats Margo!  I’ll be in touch to get your mailing information.
Again thanks to all who entered. 
Stay tuned…… I feel another giveaway coming soon !


I’d also like to thank Jane from Jayaycee Blog for passing The Versatile Blogger Award on to me.
Pay her a visit, she’s got everything from knitting to cooking to book and movie reviews.  Very versatile indeed!
Thanks Jane. I truly am honoured.

PLEASE NOTE:  I have a couple of these butterfly necklaces available for sale. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
Thanks again!

Mason Jar Tea Lights

Today the weather was suppose to be nice and I had planned to be outside doing a little gardening.  But the past two weeks, the weather has been poop, so I opted for an indoor project.  Time to make use of the mason jars I had sitting in the garage.  Just the usual mason jars, and a couple of small preserve jars.
mason jar tea lights 001a
This is the poor mans way of doing things.  One day, “As God is my witness, I WILL GET A CRICUT !”  But… for now, armed with a bag of Twizzlers, I set out to find images on the net...and of course trace it with a scrap piece of paper, (you get the gist). I gathered up the necessary materials; some twine, a glue stick, some tea lights and some spray frosting.
I used very small spots of the glue stick to stick my cut outs to the glass jar, (forgot to take pictures of this part) then sprayed with my spray frosting,  (forgot to take pictures).  Wrapped some twine  around the tops of the jars..(forgot to take pictures of this too) 
Ok lets just skip to the end.
I frosted one jar with a Pear.
mason jar tea lights 048a
A Topiary Tree mason jar tea lights 052a
and a Rooster
mason jar tea lights 028a1
I used an old silver tray I had and some burlap pieces.
mason jar tea lights 026a1
I fully expect to use this outside on the patio, but since the weather hasn’t cooperated, I had to take pictures inside.
mason jar tea lights 029a1
mason jar tea lights 041a1
mason jar tea lights 045a

Can’t wait to sit out in the yard under the canopy with a glass of wine and my mason jars a-glowing.

Fire Pit Enjoyment 009a

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1 Year Blog-iversary !

I can’t believe it’s been a year!
I’m having a blast blogging, creating and interacting with all of you wonderful Bloggers!
It’s time for a GIVEAWAY.
Most of you would never know that I used to have a little online/home party jewelry business.  Aside from some very pretty and unique handcrafted pieces, I also sold a lot of Sterling Silver jewelry.  Well my eyesight gave out sooner than expected and the fine, intricate work became too strenuous for my eyes, (which is why I work on big furniture now).
I still have some awesome pieces in a fairly large collection.  These pieces are all new and packaged.  They just need a home. I’ll be featuring more pieces here and you can contact me if you see anything you like!
For this occasion, I’ve picked a piece that has always been a favorite of mine.
A Sterling Silver, Peridot/Champagne CZ Butterfly Necklace.
RC Giveaway 001
It is…….. simply beautiful.
RC Giveaway 012 
So here’s the deal on how to ENTER
1.    Leave a comment on the necklace for one entry
2.   If you are a follower or subscriber that’s an extra entry
3.   Blog about the Giveaway and that’s an additional entry 
It’s that simple!
Don’t forget your email address in the comments.
**I have a couple more of these beautiful butterflies. After the giveaway, if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.**
Winner of the draw will be announced Monday, May 17th.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guest Blogging Today !

Just another honour and privilege I get from good 'ol Blogville

Eva at Delishhh has ever so kindly asked me to do a guest post today on her food blog. 
Head on over there and take a peek, but more importantly browse through her site, it really IS delishhh!!

Thanks Eva!

Click HERE to visit

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