Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Table to Ottoman

Some things are just meant to be.  Like when you walk into a Goodwill store and spot a table for .99 cents..99 cents!

As per usual, my before picture comes about an hour into the project, but here it is anyway with a coat of paint on the lower part.
So for .99 cents we decide on an ottoman project (a project new to me, strictly trial and error)  Cut some plywood to fit the table top.  Do this carefully as Coco the Foreman inspects everything.
Measure out where you would like the buttons to go.  We decided on 5.  Drill holes.

Use adhesive to stick foam to the plywood.

Remove cat from batting and cut a piece larger than foam and fit around it.

To keep the cost down on this experimental project.. I used a drapery panel that was on sale at Walmart for the covering of the ottoman.  I ironed it up, and cut it to fit.
Using this little package of contraptions to make covered buttons, proved to be harder than expected.

I tried using a long needle to thread the buttons from one side to the other but that just wasn't going to work. Nothing was long enough.  Instead I took a thick gauge wire and stuck it through the wood and foam to the other side and then looped the end and dragged the thread back through.  On the underside small buttons were used as stoppers and the thread was tied off.

Flip it over and screw the table top to the ottoman bottom.

Wait for daylight.. and take pictures

Don't think I didn't slice into that Panettone as soon as these pictures were taken!

Coco is exhausted!


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  1. Wow, what a deal! I think the work was worth it. The button detail is the perfect touch.

  2. LOVE IT !!! I NEVER see anything big at our Goodwill for $.99 !! I keep looking tho for reasons just such as this... :o)

  3. first, what a steal! You can't buy an old ratty dish towel at our Goodwill for .99!
    second! what a beaut! It was pretty as a table, but as an ottoman, it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
    Lucky you! great job with the drapery panel! love it!

  4. You shouldn't have worked poor Cocoa so hard! (Beautiful job on the ottoman!)

  5. Lisa! That's friggin stinkin' gorgeous!

    What an amazing find; I'm coming out junkin' with you.

    I hope we can hook up sometime soon so I can get that sweet little table.


  6. SCORE!!!! What a great find! And, I love your remake! Gorgeous! Funny cat, too!!! :-)

    Happy Holidays!


  7. this is be-a-u-ti-ful!!! WOW ~ what a transformation. I love it.

  8. That's beautiful! Your perseverance with the tufting sure paid off.

  9. That turned out perfect , I think the button tufting was the icing on the cake.

  10. That is great I need to do the same for the bottom of my bed. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  12. How very clever and it looks amazing!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Looks like a lot of work but soo worth it (it turned out amazing!).

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  14. I'm not surprised.....leave it you Lis, to undertake a project like this for the first time and come up with such a stunning piece, as are all the pieces you've worked on. I'm sure Coco kept you in line and I hope he was rewarded for all his hard work...too funny and sooo cute....lol. The slightly less 'aged' one. :)

  15. :0 Holy COW, what a transformation!! It's so elegant and awesome. NICE job!! :)

  16. My cats like to "help" on projects, too. There are so many things that are amazing about this post. First of all...$.99?!?! Are you kidding me? And I love the lines on that table. I would've tackled you for it, I think. You did such a great job with the tufting as well. This piece is much more functional, now that it can be a foot rest, extra seating, and still a table. Great, great job!

  17. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I really love the makeover a lot...and Coco is adorable I must add. We all know who the boss is in your home, the way he inspects everything, hmmm it is obvious that he has the last say in things. Just kidding :)
    Holiday Hugs,

  18. What a gorgeous transformation! Well done.

  19. That turned out wonderful and thanks for the tutorial to boot. Tell Coco she did a great job.


  20. Wow! Great job! I would have never thought of that!

  21. Not only is this redo fabulous, you know you've hit paydirt when you don't recognize what it USE to be! Honestly, this one is soooo amazing, it looks like it's always been an ottoman! Cocoa is one smart kitty. :)

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  22. No way this was $.99 I must be shopping at the wrong Goodwill LOL. You did an amazing job wow.

  23. Thats my daughter!!!she is a genius.

  24. Great transformation. The price was right and it does double duty as an ottaman/coffee table.

  25. Fabulousness all over the place. Looks totally like it was meant to be an ottoman from the day it was 'born'. :)

    Love Coco too!

  26. Are you kidding me? .99 cents! My Goodwill that would have been 50.00- seriously! They have items in there that have the original tag and its higher!!
    Amazing!!!! Your my new hero!

  27. What a great buy and a fabulous job you did. Going to check my 2 Goodwill stores to see what I can find. Thanks for sharing!


  28. I love your blog! You and I have so much in common. We both love to cook and updo furniture. Come visit me sometime.
    Have a great day

  29. This has just made my "Mission" list... I must find a thrifty coffee table to do this to!
    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick

  30. its PERFECT... what a gorgeous transformation ...
    I am back from my vacations and in blogging world too…
    A little post to share some of my moments of vacation... hope you like to visit and enjoy it...

  31. I LOVE this! I think I will try this this weekend on the inal coffee table in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  32. Oh my goodness! That is great!!! Thanks for sharing.

  33. I have made many, many of these in the past few years. I keep giving them away as so many people admire them. Never thought to submit it as a craft. I do a lot of things that way. Do something fun and several years later someone comes up with this "new" idea. Oh well, story of my life.

    1. Dear Anonymous.. I've seen many, many of these myself and just happened to need one for someone in the family. It's a fabulous idea, whoever came up with it. I'm sure this practice has been around for a long time, I wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last. As a matter of fact I intend on making another very shortly!

  34. Hi from an ex-Torontonian,
    I think I'm going to start driving to Toronto (I'm in London) to the Goodwill stores there. Ours are not very nice anymore. We have four of them here and they've become quite junky, very, very expensive and have almost no furniture. That table would have been at least $20 here. Still not too bad, I guess, but you sure can't beat $.99! Great job on the ottoman - I like that you didn't put too many buttons on it.
    I've just signed up for your blog and am having loads of fun going back through your posts.
    Take care,

  35. What a deal and beautiful job. Love the fabric color.

  36. What a fabulous find! I love what you did with your bargain of the year! Very inspirational!

  37. Congratulations! A very precise work and a great result.
    I think it's great being able to see in poor objects the ability to become great!


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  39. I have to agree with some of the other comments--only .99?! Nope, never seen such a deal at any of the thrift stores in my town either as of yet.

    This turned out great! You did a wonderful job!!!

  40. Would love to do this also! However, the buttons look very complicated. I'm good (with husband) doing most everything except those buttons!!!!! Any suggestions?

  41. Oh, my e-mail address is dkensinger58@gmail.com Regarding difficulty with buttons. lol!!


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