Saturday, January 22, 2011

Backsplash, with the look of Stainless Steel

I was fortunate enough to win a free backsplash kit from a contest I entered a while ago.  This backsplash kit comes courtesy of 1005 Design.  As my home already had a backsplash, this was installed for someone very special to me. This product has the look and feel of real stainless steel.
So lets take a look .. here is a sneak peak of the after picture.
stainless steel backsplash 064a
But lets start at the beginning.
Nothing but a plain painted wall to begin with.  Notice in these before pictures the painted light valances under the cupboards.
stainless steel backsplash 010a
stainless steel backsplash 007a After sending 1005 Design our measurements, our kit was then shipped with the correct amount of panels and trim needed to complete the job.  This kitchen took 10 of the metal panels. We were lucky enough to have the last panel and a half to use for some extra touches.  As you can see below the panels come with a protective plastic that you wont remove until the very end of your project. You can also see the trim on this panel at the top.
stainless steel backsplash 015a The instructions will tell you what tools to have on hand, how to handle your panels and how to make your cuts.
stainless steel backsplash 019a
The kit comes with two types of trim.  The edging trim that you see applied below. and a joiner trim (not shown) to use between your panels to join them.  We chose not to use the joiner trim and go for the seamless look.stainless steel backsplash 023astainless steel backsplash 025a
Construction adhesive was used to adhere the panels to the wall.  Clear silicone was used to stick the trim to the panels. During the process we used some tape to keep the panels tight to the wall while the adhesive cured.
stainless steel backsplash 041a 
We were really pleased to have enough left over to cover the light valances. I think it really made a difference.
stainless steel backsplash 044a
stainless steel backsplash 054a
I think it looks spectacular!
stainless steel backsplash 055a
And why not replace the all white receptacles while we’re at it?
stainless steel backsplash 057a 
stainless steel backsplash 066a
The look is very clean and streamlined.
stainless steel backsplash 072a
Here is where you can either used the joining trim or leave it out.  We had no difficulty lining up the panels for a tidy seamless look.
stainless steel backsplash 076a
1005 Design is offering more free kits. For your chance at a kit go to their site and sign up.  They offer panels in faux stainless steel and faux copper, as well as some great patterns to choose from.
Do you think it’s stainless steel?  Faux sure !!
stainless steel backsplash 049a

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