Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Yarn Trees

Holiday Yarn Trees after 015b
A while back I was contacted by the good people at Lion Brand Yarns
After seeing  my Yarn Wreath, they were wonderful enough to send me a box of yarns to play around with this Christmas. 
The yarns are absolutely beautiful and even though I craft with them … it almost makes me want to pick up knitting needles again.
Yarn Trees 005a
I have several projects I want to complete with these (time permitting), but this time I’m doing yarn trees.
I used 3 different sized Styrofoam cones and some white craft glue.
Apply some glue to your tree and spiral the yarn of your choice into different size spirals, then apply them to the glue.
Yarn Trees 010a

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reconstructing Roadkill

Mr. Charming brought this piece home for me.   He rescued it from the curb side.   Yes.. someone was throwing this away…tsk tsk.
This piece is all real wood.   I believe the previous owner was using it as a chest.  He nailed the doors shut and made the top removable.
wooden entertainment unit 001a
wooden entertainment unit 006a

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