Sunday, February 21, 2010

the kitchen chronicles – Part 7

Yup – I’m still working …
Alright.  Time for another update.  It really feels like forever since I’ve started this project, but working full time while renovating does not make for a quick makeover.
So here is the work in progress. The cupboard doors are going up, the counter has arrived and the new faucet and kitchen sink has been installed.  It’s really starting to shape up.
Here is a quick comparison -  The drawers on the left are the old plywood version and the cupboard doors on the right are the new improved version. The kick plate still has to be installed as well as the backsplash and light valance. 
old cupboards
It’s really hard to make something look so pretty when the wall behind is so ugly !
counter after 006
counter after 014
Being in the middle of reno’s doesn’t stop me from baking.
Mini blueberry muffins…….mmmmmmmmmmmmm~!
counter after 018
Coming up..
Make Your Own Range Hood  - Tutorial
Converting an old wine rack to shelf
Finishing Moulding and Trim

Thursday, February 11, 2010

what’s your kitchen style?

As I’ve been in the midst of redoing my kitchen, I’ve also been scouring the net for ideas, styles and colours.  But I’ve come to realize something.  It really doesn’t matter what’s new on the market, or what the current trend is. My style is still my style.   And I always gravitate to the Rustic, Country or Tuscan style kitchen.  Anything too streamlined, new or too shiny, simply doesn’t appeal to me. It’s strictly a personal preference. 
Take a look at this kitchen.  Everything about this rustic style grabs my attention. The warm feel, the wood floors, the brick.  The textures and colours are warming and appealing.
French Kitchen
I could grab my spatula and move right into this one.rustic kitchen5
Can you just imagine the view from this place?  I’m left with a burning desire to see the rest of this house.
rustic kitchen 2
I can just smell the wood burning fire in this home. The rustic table legs, columns and beams are fabulous. Check out the chairs at either ends of the table.rustic kitchen 3
(I really do have a thing for black islands)rustic kitchen southern living
I simply adore the floor in this kitchen as well as the textured treatment on the walls.
No.. wait!!  Maybe my spatula and I will move into this one!!

So there are a few of my ALL TIME DREAM KITCHENS!
What’s your kitchen style?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

the kitchen chronicles – Part 6

Update on Island Stools

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll or left me an email with with your valued comments.  The majority of you thought the stools should be painted cream to match the new cupboards. (NOT the cupboards seen in the pictures below, new cupboards will be hung very shortly.)
So, to recap… Island and stools before….
kitchen pre appliances 007 Island and stools now.
I left the tops as is as I didn’t want to have to deal with scratched, chipped, marked painted tops. These stools get a LOT of use!  The tops might change when the kitchen is completed, but for now, they’ll remain wood.  (Notice the beautiful background in this pictures.. yikes!!)
stools white 025
I am still finishing the cupboard doors, and I’m hoping to have them hung this week.  The new countertops will be coming shortly as well.  There will also be a tutorial on how to build a range hood cover.
stools white 021
For now….. I have worked till dusk.  Time to relax….  that wine is starting to look good.
Flowers courtesy of my Mr. Charming.  Thank you sweetie.  heat

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