Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diary of a Laundry/Powder Room–The Beginning

I’ve been in my current house for over 4 years now.  Mr. Charming and I have managed to rework much of the house but 3 bathrooms have remained untouched.
My laundry machines reside in my main floor powder room.  Convenient ?  Yes  Attractive ?  No.
I admit there are times when I am ashamed to say ‘this is my before picture’, and this is one of them.   Granted, the  bi-fold doors that concealed the laundry area have been taken down for this picture… but it is an unsightly bathroom nonetheless. Thankfully, I have a second floor family room and guests can use the ‘less unattractive’ bathroom up there.
Ok, so here it is <big breath>  in all it’s previous glory.
Laundrypowder room before 001a

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