Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Post With Substance

I’ve been a little absent the past week, just taking a breather.

I just wanted to post a shout out to Sam from Mom. Undecided.

She has graciously awarded me a lil ‘ol award with some big ol’ substance!


Please check her out at Mom. Undecided.  she has a lot to share, and if you hurry you can just get in on her first giveaway!!

Thank you again Sam.

I am truly blessed!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Fine Feature!

Just a little bragging note that I am featured today over at Remodelaholic.  I am SUPER excited whenever Cassity decides to feature anything of mine!


Please scoot over to Remodelaholic to see the feature, but more importantly, stay a while and browse her site.  There are always fantastic posts to enjoy.

Thanks Cassity!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fire Pit Patio

I’ve put off doing the backyard for a couple of years now.  It’s never been much to look at.  The first year I moved here I was pleasantly surprised to find raspberry bushes in the yard. Three years later those nice raspberry bushes took over that entire side.. and were steadily creeping into the center of the yard.  As much as I hated to do it, I pulled them out, (anyone who has had raspberry bushes KNOWS what I mean when I say this wasn’t easy). 
So we were left with an empty pile of dirt, weeds and a tree, which really doesn’t belong there, but I’m NOT moving it now.  Please ignore the broken lattice, that is a project for another day.
We started by cutting out a circle.
(Mr. Charming,  out standing in his field)
Fire Pit Patio 002a
After the circle was cut and the grass removed, we laid down some landscapers cloth. The cloth was then covered in limestone screening. Fire Pit Patio 010a
We used an edging stone to keep everything contained then filled in with more screening.  If you can get a tamper, tamper the limestone down.  The stones we were laying were not interlocked, so it was also easy to level each one. 
Fire Pit Patio 014a
Coco of course, was in her glory during this process. She’s only allowed in the yard when we’re out there so she had an eventful week… so much to explore.Fire Pit Patio 016a
Once the screening was at the right level and packed down, it was time to lay the stones.  We also planted a few boxwood and euonymus shrubs that I found on sale at the time.
Fire Pit Patio 019a
Any opportunity to take the embarrassing backside picture of Mr. Charming, (yet again)Fire Pit Patio 024a
Working ourselves into a beautiful sunset. 
The spaces around the stones were filled with Pea Stone and packed down. The planting has begun.Fire Pit Patio 025a Fire Pit Patio 027a
Coco, still enjoying herself.Fire Pit Patio 018aAfter a little adjusting here and there, and a little more planting, (insert old fire pit)… and we have our new fire pit patio.
Fire Pit Patio 072a
Fire Pit Patio 050a
Fire Pit Patio 038a
Fire Pit Patio 073b
This time as sun sets, we’ll be out enjoying our new fire pit patio.
Fire Pit Patio 078a

The fire pit diameter is 12 feet.   We used 58 paver stones for that size.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ever Tire of Flowers?

I don’t.
Here’s a little project that I did a while ago, but I wanted to wait until it was all in full bloom to take pictures.  I can’t remember where I saw this idea.  It was quite a while ago on the net, and probably a blog somewhere but it stuck in my head until I was able to bring it to life for myself.
shed tires with flowers 016a
A couple of old tires and a plain shed wall become blooming art!
shed tires with flowers 012a
shed tires with flowers 015a
Start with a couple of old tires… drill some holes at the bottom for drainage. Fix to the side of your shed wall with some HUGE screws and washers.  Fill with potting soil.
These are Eco-Friendly and because the tires hold the heat, the flowers are protected on those chilly nights.
shed tires with flowers 001
shed tires with flowers 003a
Watch neighbor's stare in curiosity at your madness!
shed tires with flowers 007a
Watch neighbor’s curiosity turn to envy.  (hehe)
shed tires with flowers 036a
shed tires with flowers 039a
Just a random shot of a little clay pot sitting inside my patio canopy. Love the colors.
shed tires with flowers 030a
shed tires with flowers 041a
shed tires with flowers 043a
Just maybe… the neighbors don’t think I’m crazy anymore.
shed tires with flowers 017a
** (later that summer) **
I had to put this update in.  As the flowers fill in, it looks more and more beautiful.  I think I’ll update again in another month!

TiresJuly2 008a 
A side note on why I didn't paint the tires: 
While I realize that other repurposed tires have been painted, I chose not to paint mine, leaving the tire, just as it is: a tire. The flowers add enough color for me. I also live in Toronto where we get some pretty nasty weather and paint would just peel, crack and chip off. Kudos to those who paint tires and have them looking pretty all year round!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bookcase Redo

In the corner of my kitchen I have a bookcase.  I know at some point I had this decorated nicely.  What happened?? Over the last little while it’s become a collection of ….  ??   Because this bookcase was destined for a makeover I suppose I shoved anything in there for a time.
So here is the bookcase with ‘whatever’ shoved in there.
kitchen bookshelf redo 001 It’s actually quite a nice bookcase when it’s not shoved with ‘whatever’s’.
kitchen bookshelf redo 007 
But I think it looks better with new ‘whatever’s” placed nicely in it.
kitchen bookshelf redo 013a
I decided to leave the actual cabinet white and just change the backing.  Black seemed to be the best choice to make all my new white thrifty finds really pop.
The only thing that wasn’t found in a local thrift store was this bookshelf redo 017a
I removed the top shelf to allow for the new lamp and cut a hole so that the cord could disappear through the back.
bookcase 002a
No.. your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, I kept switching things around.
kitchen bookshelf redo 029
All the white vases, pitchers and the tureen ranged from $2 to $ bookshelf redo 020a
 kitchen bookshelf redo 024
All greenery from Michaels Craft bookshelf redo 025a
kitchen bookshelf redo 026a 
kitchen bookshelf redo 049a
kitchen bookshelf redo 033a
kitchen bookshelf redo 051a  Don’t forget when you find the perfect piece in the not-so-perfect color, it’s nothing a little paint can’t fix.
kitchen bookshelf redo 031a

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On A Personal Note

Normally, I don’t post a lot about my personal life. But today is different.  Today is my dear sister’s birthday.  My only sister, who we lost to Breast Cancer almost 4 years ago.

Carla would have been 51 today.  She left behind two vibrant, funny and amazing boys.

Not only is this message a tribute, remembrance and acknowledgement to a wonderful woman who’s Carla1kindness and selflessness touched everyone she met, but a reminder to all of us to treat our health as the most precious gift you have ever received.

I’m saddened when I hear people complain about turning another year older. I guess I just don’t understand that way of thinking.  I can’t imagine what my sister would have given to grow old.

Carla was 47 when she died and my father 57 when he died in 1991.  Longevity is quite an accomplishment in this family.  And even though admittedly I don’t wake up daily with a smile on my face, I am grateful for each day. Next time we approach our birthdays with anguish and resentment at aging, think for a moment of those who were never as lucky to grow older.  There’s a reason birthdays are called celebrations.

Good Health to you all!

Happy Birthday Carla. We miss you every day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday – Meet Coco

Shutter Love Tuesday

Trendy Treehouse is hosting another Shutter Love Tuesday with a pet theme, and this time I am going to participate.  Since we are allowed one shot, I have to enter my favorite of her.

Meet Coco

She’s adorable and she knows it. She has major attitude, but it’s all part of her charm.

coco close2a

Thanks Trendy Treehouse.  It’s really fun to see everyone else’s pets.

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