Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wallpapered Armoire

Well welcome back to me !
I’ve taken an extra long holiday this year.  I took time off at Christmas to thoroughly enjoy the season and lots of family time.  BUT… I have been working on something the past couple of weeks.  So to make up for my absence, how about an extra long post?
wallpapered armoire 034b
After repurposing  the previous armoire( seen here  in milk paint)  I came across another almost the same.  This armoire though, was larger and much deeper than the last.   Because I thought this piece would be too large for most kitchens or dining rooms to repurpose it like the last, it was decided to leave it as an armoire.
But I just don’t like mirrored door armoires.Eye rolling smile
Our before picture shows the Armoire  with one door already off.  I have to say this was in very good condition.  The inside was immaculate. The outside, although also in great condition was very shiny.  We all know how I feel about shiny.
In any case… off came the mirrored doors.
Armoire Wallpapered 002a

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