Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Award !

Every time I get a Blog Award or someone decides to feature my work I get such a thrill.  Out of the vastness of Blogland, someone has chosen my humble little blog as something that may have pleased them or inspired them some way.  A big thank you goes out to Heather from Pixie Dust for giving me this award. Head on over there to see what great things Heather has to offer!

So I am to share 10 things I love and then pass this on to 10 Bloggers.

10 Things I Love

1.  A crisp Fall day

2. A good hair day

3.  Nutella on ANYTHING

4.  Having everyone in my family healthy and happy

5.  My Dinner Club buddies that I don't see often enough

6.  A fresh breeze blowing through the curtains at home

7.  My cat when she's sleeping (go to sleep!)

8.  Palm Trees!  (I so rarely get to see one)

9.  My mother's baking

10.  Mr. Charming.  Just because he can do this.

Now for 10 Bloggers I'd like to pass this award on to. Please check them out if you haven't already, they're amazing!

10. Shopping Candy (an upcoming blog to watch)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take a Guess – Contest !

Take a look at this very old cabinet.  I got this little archaic relic completely free, and any thriftress worth her salt, never turns anything down that’s free.  I think this is a dry sink, but I could be wrong.  In any case, here it is.  Take a good look at it, it’s about to become something other than what it is.  It will retain its original form, but it will be used for something completely different.
Think outside the box.
Can you guess ??
The handles aren't real metal handles, they’re tin,  and I could bend it in half with one hand, ( I actually did)
old cabinet 004

The insides were covered in wood mactac.
old cabinet 011
 old cabinet 012
Become a Follower and leave a comment with your guess. 
Try as many times as you like, but one guess per comment. Be concise and descriptive, it just might set you apart from someone else!

The winner will be featured as a guest blogger. We’ll get to know you a little better and  highlight a few of your favorite projects.  

The new item will be revealed this weekend.

UPDATE!!I should add that it appears that this cabinet shows larger in the picture than it really is.
The dimensions are:
30" HIGH x 36" WIDE x 20" DEEP
It's not really tall enough to be a bathroom vanity

Good luck !

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Fleeting Beauty

This is the Cherry tree in my backyard.  This is about as beautiful as the tree ever gets.  By the time the luscious, tiny, red cherries actually appear, the dirty rotten birds swarm it and pick it clean.  I’ve never actually eaten a cherry from the tree.  But at least like this, I’ve captured it’s beauty forever.
Cherry Blossoms
luca nadia 007
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How I Met My House

This is a wonderful and very original idea of AnNicole at Our Suburban Cottage .
Write up YOUR story and head on over there... sounds like a lot of fun!

How I Met My House
(or 'Sabotage' at it's finest)

When I bought my current house, I was in the market for something very specific.  I wanted to find a home with a completely finished basement, complete with a kitchen and a bedroom. I had my nephew staying with me after my sister passed away and I needed more room

I constantly scouted  homes on the internet. Daily I would drive down the streets where I wanted to live.  I found the perfect house, on the perfect street, with the perfect little apartment in the basement!  Perfect!  Or so I thought.  

I called my agent and told her I wanted to get in there as fast as I could.  This happened to be on the very same day that they had a scheduled open house for later that afternoon.  I wanted my viewing before then.   I got in.. and immediately knew this was the one. 

Perfect? Not so much.  Although this house had great potential, it  was VERY lived in.  The owners had two massive dogs who used the backyard as one big toilet. The parquet wood floors were so scuffed and scratched that there was no finish left on them. The shed roof was falling off. The sprinkler system was leaking. The concrete driveway was cracked, (ok that's still cracked.. hehe) . The kitchen cupboards were  replaced with homemade plywood ones.  I've lived there 3 years and I STILL cant figure out the light switches. It wasn't a show stopper by any means, but I loved it. 

I just had to convince everyone else to hate it.

Thankfully the house was priced accordingly.  Had this house been kept up, it would have been way out of my price range.  Immediately I put in an offer. But I had a plan.  With four offers pending even before the open house, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to have anymore competition. 

I showed up at the open house, (along with about 50 other people)

I walked around the house with Mr. Charming, and in my best whisper voice, I was heard to say "Wow, these floors are in terrible shape, they'll all have to be replaced"... or how about.."The entire banister is loose"..... or even..."This house needs a LOT of work".  Couple those comments with the odd...  "all the sod needs to be replaced"  and  "This is highly overpriced for all the work it needs"   and mission accomplished. 

In all fairness, I must add that between the original 4 offers and the bidding war that ensued I ultimately did go in a couple of thousand over the asking price so the owners were thrilled and I got the house. 

It all worked out in the end.  Slowly the house is turning into something beautiful.

  ::heavy sigh:::   I just love my money pit!

(For a peek inside, view a couple of pictures here.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stenciled Beauty

I seem to come across a lot of Teak furniture. Unfortunately they’re never in good condition at all, (which might be why I get them so cheap!)  The drawers on this one were all in very good working order so she just needed a little makeup.
flower pot dresser makeover 007
flower pot dresser makeover 010

It took a lot of sanding to mask most of the deep scratches.  Of course I used my favorite Kilz Primer and then a couple of coats of Heirloom White, (which seems to be my color of choice lately).  I decided to lightly distress it, but opted not to glaze it to keep the light, feminine look.
heirloom white dresser 008a
heirloom white dresser 018
The final touch was the addition of the stencil.  From ordinary to extraordinary!heirloom white dresser 011heirloom white dresser 013a

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

the chameleon flower pot

Ok…I’m starting SMALL!  After the kitchen reno, I’m just easing back into things.  For instance… this little arrangement that I had in a bookshelf in my kitchen no longer seems color appropriate.  Cute.. just needs a little chameleon-like makeover.
flower pot dresser makeover 002 
Because I tried like heck to pull those flowers out didn’t want to ruin the arrangement I covered the flowers tightly with a plastic bag.
flower pot dresser makeover 004
I’m going to be honest here, I went blindly on this one.  I have a garage filled with paint cans and I just wanted to use what I had.  I wasn’t sure that paint was actually going to adhere to the ceramic. 
I used my favorite primer KILZ and it did the trick!
flower pot dresser makeover 005
Then onto the right color for the kitchen, and (insert time lapse here) VIOLA.
flower pot redo 010
flower pot redo 011
Until Next Time !
And as always…. Thanks for Reading!
smiley sunflower

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

the kitchen chronicles – The Reveal

Finally!  The Reveal
I had to look back at my very first Kitchen Chronicles post to figure out when it all started…. January 20th. Wow, it really has been a long time.  But it was all worth it.  Brand new everything, including new appliances, but if I needed to fix them, it’s easy to find appliance parts in Canada – and the US!

Before we begin, I have to give my sincerest thanks to Mr. Charming for all his hard work. Day after day, weekend after weekend of hard work and determination.  I can’t thank him enough.

Another very important thank you goes out to my mother, who was here helping out every weekend. From getting down and dirty with the construction to doing laundry and supplying us with muffins and home cooked meals, it was all a huge help and very much appreciated.  Thanks Mom!

So now………………. come on in, and take a closer look.
kitchen after makeover 026
kitchen after makeover 008
Kitchen Pictures-0611 015a
Kitchen Pictures-0611 029a
Kitchen Pictures-0611 038a
kitchen after makeover 009
kitchen after makeover 012
kitchen after makeover 020
kitchen after makeover 021
Kitchen Pictures-0611 013a
kitchen after makeover 022
 kitchen after makeover 024
Kitchen Pictures-0611 026a
kitchen after makeover 028
kitchen after makeover 030
A couple of ‘before’ reminders.
For a look back, follow the Kitchen Chronicles from start to finish starting here!
kitchen pre appliances 010 kitchen pre appliances 009

Oh, and a shout out to my kids who came home when the kitchen looked like this and asked, “hey Mom, what’s for dinner ?”   Thanks kids!  Ya knows I loves ya!
kitchen demo 032

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Jennifer Rizzo - Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Featured by:  Lindsey on Better After.  Thanks Lindsey!
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