Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finger Knitted Christmas Wreath

I’ve come to the end of my finger knitting for this year.  I wanted to wrap it up with something Christmassy. 
finger knitted christmas wreath6e
For the finger knitting tutorial please CLICK HERE.
finger knitted christmas wreath8
I love this Lion Brand yarn in Grass color. It knits up beautifully. I might even take up real knitting sometime soon.
finger knitted christmas wreath7a
Once you're finished with your long strands of finger knitting, wrap it around the foam wreath as seen in THIS TUTORIAL  use the long tail that you left on each end, tie one end very tightly to the wreath then wrap the long finger knitted strand around the wreath.  When you get to the end, take the long tail you saved at the end of your finger knitting and tie very tightly around the foam wreath again.  You can hide any knots or ties under your finger knitting.

For decorating, I started off with just a few accessories, a frost covered, sage green poinsettia…
finger knitted christmas wreath20
…snow covered branches, some frosted cedar branches and 3 white glittered pine cones.
finger knitted christmas wreath9
Take the stem off the poinsettia and separate the leaves.  You might find that taking the small wires off these type of leaves is best.  The leaf itself glues to the yarn perfectly.  The small wires just catch and pull the yarn.  You’re better off without them.
finger knitted christmas wreath10
Always start by placing your focal point.  Arrange all other items around that focal point but never glue anything down until you have placed everything where you want it.  Stand back, look at it… walk around, look at it again…(I started doing some dusting in the house while I was thinking about it.)  I dusted… walked back and looked at it again.  Made myself a latte and looked at it again.  When I know I have everything exactly where I want it, I hot glue it all down.
finger knitted christmas wreath11a
finger knitted christmas wreath13

finger knitted christmas wreath15
finger knitted christmas wreath16
finger knitted christmas wreath17
finger knitted christmas wreath18
finger knitted christmas wreath19
finger knitted christmas wreath12a

Ok.... well maybe I'll do a LITTLE something more with finger knitting ;)

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  1. Gorgoues! I like this one the most.

  2. Hi this wreath that you made is so beautiful and you did a great job making this. I pinned and will try to make one too. TFS. Julie at

  3. Just curious as to how you make the wreath, do you wrap the scarf around the ring?

    1. Yes, exactly. In the finger knitting tutorial I say to leave about 8-10 inches of yarn free on both ends of your finger knitting, the beginning and the end. You will use those ends to tie very tightly to the foam wreath, then wrap the entire finger knitted scarf around the wreath and tie off the other end. You can see that in this tutorial here.

    2. After you have used the full skein and want to add the next, how do you tie this in to be continuous. Thanks.

  4. I love your wreath! Have a nice day Cristina

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wreath at my party this week. I had already saw it on Pinterest and had already pinned it:)


  6. This is awesome! I was struck that this might be good for a crafting group to play around with. How long did it take you to do this?

  7. This is awesome! I think this would be a great project for my craft group. How long did this wreath take? I'm curious if we could do it in one group meeting.

    1. Thank you. I think it would be terrific for a crafting group. Not sure how long your meeting is, but to do the finger knitting for the wreath might take you a good 1-1/2 hours, maybe two. Then if you know how you want your wreath to look, it might take you up to an hour to decorate it. If you were doing this from start to finish you'd need at the very least 4 hours I'd say. (Always takes me a little longer to decorate since I leave it for a bit and then look at it again).

  8. I love your wreath! I've never tried finger knitting, but I do know how to knit (regular), so I may have to try this. It looks like such a fun project!

  9. So festive.. Love the glitter.. :)

  10. This is wonderful!! Pinning!! Love this so much. Linda

  11. Love this! What a neat wreath made with yarn. Maybe I will have to give it a try.

  12. Wow! This is really, really beautiful! I've never tried finger knitting, but after seeing how pretty this is, I may have to try it! Thanks so much for sharing at Get Your DIY On! I hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm EST to link up your ornament tutorials! Have a great weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  13. Lisa, I love this and the warm wintry texture the wool adds! Just stopping by to let you know I featured your beautiful wreath at tonight's Get Your DIY on party!
    Thanks so much for sharing! XO

  14. This wreath is gorgeous! Love it! Would you care to share it at our All Things Christmas Link Party? It starts at 8am EST and goes til Dec. 23rd. I hope you do!! Trisha

  15. You mentioned in your tutorial that this takes about 1 1/2 skeins of yarn. How do you start the half skein to tie in with the first skein of yarn.


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