Sunday, December 7, 2014

Coffee Filter Snowman

Coffee filter wreaths are all over, especially at this time of year and I love them.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making them also.
This year I decided to make something a little different with white, basket coffee filters.
All materials for this entire project came from the dollar store, which is always an added bonus!
Some of what you’ll need:
3 Disposable plates  - Different sizes
White Basket type Coffee Filters (1 pkg of 250)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Staples (to staple your plates together)
The following are optional or whatever you decide to dress your snowman in:
Foam craft paper – 1 orange – 2 black
White Felt
Buttons, mittens, scarf, pipe cleaners
basket coffee filters-tile
*        *       *
I used disposable plates I had on hand. There are three different sizes.  The larger plate is actually plastic.  Because the staples wont go through the plastic, it was hot glued to the middle plate.
Start by folding your filter in half and run your hand up from the bottom to the top to make a flower looking shape.  Make the point at the bottom flat and hot glue that to the plate.  It doesn’t really matter where you start but I started from the bottom and worked up.
coffee filter snowman 12
coffee filter snowman 13
When you’re finished gluing on your filters trim any uneven ones on top and reshape the sides if they need trimming as well.
coffee filter snowman 14
Here’s a little hint when it comes to the hat.  If you can find one at the dollar store.. BUY IT.  This wasn’t easy.  Thankfully Mr. Charming worked out the logistics.Winking smile
We started by cutting the black foam into shapes like this.
coffee filter snowman 15
Measure the rectangle piece on the head to make sure it’s the size you want. Do not attach yet.
coffee filter snowman 16
Cut your brim to fit the rectangle piece and notch out the inside curve.
coffee filter snowman 17
Glue the notched section to the back of your hat rectangle
coffee filter snowman 17-vert
When you have your hat put together glue it on the head of your snowman.
coffee filter snowman 20
Cut a piece of orange foam and roll it into a nose.  I used orange thread and wound it around the nose to give the ‘carrot like’ foam some ridges.  Fit the base of the nose between some filters on the face.
coffee filter snowman 25
coffee filter snowman 21
Place and hot glue the eyes, the buttons, and the mouth. I loved the icy looking buttons I found at the dollar store.
coffee filter snowman 22
For each arm, I used 6 black pipe cleaners.  In 3 groups of 2 - I braided them almost to the end.  Leave the rest for fingers. 
coffee filter snowman 23-horz
Glue on your arms. Continue decorating your hat with a band of white felt.  Add a scarf and mittens if you like.
coffee filter snowman 26
coffee filter snowman 27
coffee filter snowman 28
coffee filter snowman 29
So here is where I took about 50 pictures until I realized that my little guy needed some eyebrows.
coffee filter snowman 30
I had a laugh making him happy, sad, grumpy, mad…..
coffee filter snowman 31

coffee filter snowman 32
coffee filter snowman 33
coffee filter snowman 35
To hang the snowman, I hot glued a twisted pipe cleaner to the back of the top plate.
coffee filter snowman 34
For other Coffee Filter projects on Recaptured Charm click the images below
Make one for Christmas!


  1. I love the snowman....he is adorable!

  2. Yes, I agree ~ he is adorable! Thank you for sharing the detailed instructions. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh Lisa, this is fun to make! I like the fact that you can hang the snowman on the wall. Great project - thanks for sharing.

  4. I am just wondering , have you ever hung one of these coffee filter beauties on a covered porch ? Do they hold up to the night damp air ?

    1. No, they wouldn't hold up in damp air. Coffee filters are very absorbent, they would absorb all the dampness and eventually start to wilt. Any coffee filter projects, (wreaths, snowman, etc) should definitely be kept inside.
      They are a lot of work and you want your projects lasting a lonnnnggg time :)

  5. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share

  6. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

  7. very cute! thank you for sharing!

  8. I love the snowman.he is adorable. Thank you for sharing the detailed instructions to all of us.I have read and seen some excellent stuff here.

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  10. I have made the fall wreath and it is beautiful. Everyone loves it. I love the snowman and he may be my next project. I love working with coffee filters...such fun.


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