Saturday, October 17, 2009

Viridian Green Desk Reveal

At last the Viridian Green Desk is done.
CLICK HERE for a peek on how to use a wood grainer tool in previous post.
As a refresher, here she is in her original state.
My Client opted to take the centre drawer out to allow her chair more room.

And here she is now

She makes me proud!

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  1. This is just so unique and beautiful. Great job!

  2. Wow, you really transformed it. Beautiful job!

  3. Oh, you did a fabulous job and I'm loving the color! You must be so happy with it. :)

  4. I like that a lot! Very unique and eye catching. Good job!

  5. What a beautiful unexpected pop of colour! I literally said wow out loud! LOVE it! And where you put it too. Looks like a wonderful place to sit and.. blog. :)

    Thanks for joining the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  6. That looks absolutely fabulous!! I've seen those wood grain tools (on tv LoL) and have always been afraid to try one out, but look how amazing it came out!! I'm sure your client was stoked, that's home heirloom piece :) So glad I saw your ad on Kijiji!!!

  7. Now that's a cool transformation. I don't think I have seen anything like that in the months since I started reading home decor and DIY blogs.

    Very nice.

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  9. just love it......amazing, just like all the work you do.....the soon to be 'aged' one

  10. Me again! I've just done a shout out on your lovely desk from SNS #1. :)

    Funky Junk Donna

  11. Hi Lisa...

    Ohhh...I love how this desk turned out! It's very unique with the green wood grained finish...and I love that! I also really like the pretty hardware that you chose to use! Sooo pretty, Lisa! I'm sure your client was just elated! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous project with us for Sunday Favorites...what a great post, my friend!!!

    Again, I apologize for being so late to get by! It's been really busy at my place...don't you just hate when life gets in the way of our blogging! hehe!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  12. What a cool look! I love the color and the depth you gave the desk... so pretty.

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  14. Recently started following your blog. I must have been living under a rock! Love, love, love your blog and envious of your creativity. This desk is gorgeous. Would you mind sharing the brand and name of the color you used to paint it. I absolutely love it! Many thanks, Carrie carrie_hutchinson {at} sbcglobal {dot} com

  15. Hi Wabbit!
    I've tried to email you a dozen times, but it just wont go through, so here is the answer to your question.

    The paint is Home Depot's own BEHR paint. For this desk I used a very good
    paint because of the wear and tear I assumed it would get. The paint is
    Behr Ultra Premium Plus.. its the paint & primer all in one.
    The color is 'Thermal Spring' satin.

    Please keep in mind that the color you see on the finished desk has also
    been glazed with a charcoal color glaze and textured with a wood graining
    tool, so it definitely has more depth when all that was done.

    I hope that helps!


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