Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Treasure Envy

I was at a family function over the weekend in Collingwood, Ontario. My cousin and her husband have a magnificent home right on the water. I always love going there. They finished some projects and added a few VERY interesting finds! John is a vintage lover and a treasure hunter as well.
I managed to take some pictures of a few of the additions.
I'm SO jealous John!

This beautiful vintage stove just happened to land in his lap.
(I have to go searching the very bowels of the city for things.)

Interesting story behind this little shack.
Yes.... it IS an outhouse. It was down the beach from their place, and when it was about to be demolished, John scooped it up. He stores his tools in there.

I just love it.

..and here is a beautiful, old chippy door
(that he didn't think I saw

behind the shed )

Well that's it for now.
Thanks John and Di.
It was amazing as usual
(Happy Birthday John!!)

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