Saturday, February 6, 2010

the kitchen chronicles – Part 6

Update on Island Stools

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll or left me an email with with your valued comments.  The majority of you thought the stools should be painted cream to match the new cupboards. (NOT the cupboards seen in the pictures below, new cupboards will be hung very shortly.)
So, to recap… Island and stools before….
kitchen pre appliances 007 Island and stools now.
I left the tops as is as I didn’t want to have to deal with scratched, chipped, marked painted tops. These stools get a LOT of use!  The tops might change when the kitchen is completed, but for now, they’ll remain wood.  (Notice the beautiful background in this pictures.. yikes!!)
stools white 025
I am still finishing the cupboard doors, and I’m hoping to have them hung this week.  The new countertops will be coming shortly as well.  There will also be a tutorial on how to build a range hood cover.
stools white 021
For now….. I have worked till dusk.  Time to relax….  that wine is starting to look good.
Flowers courtesy of my Mr. Charming.  Thank you sweetie.  heat


  1. Lisa, you have worked so hard! It's all going to pay off and I can't wait to see it all finished.
    Are you putting in a new back splash too? That's my next project.

  2. The stools are fantastic. You have totally inspired me! :)

  3. Hey Mel! YEP a backsplash is yet to come. It's on the list. The never ending, LONG list!

  4. I held my breath when I started reading this post, wishing I had suggested to you to try 2 toned stools first. And then BAM, ya went and did it! LOVE. :)


  5. Loving that you left the tops wood and painted the legs ~ the roses are nice too! Hope you did partake in that wine...

  6. It's looking wonderful. I really love your glass container arrangement (I need more of those, I only have one!) The roses are killin' me. I must have some and put in my trifle bowl! I'm becoming a follower, please consider a facebook page.

  7. I think your kitchen looks totally fabulous!! I wanted to ask, what is the cabinet color? It's a great shade of cream!

  8. I love how the stools turned out. I painted some stools black and did the same thing: kept the tops wood. The kitchen looks awesome!

  9. Your kitchen is so pretty and I just love how you painted your stools. You kow I'm a fan on rich wood mixed with white paint. I also really like how you arranged your apothocary jars and those roses. Gorgeous!

  10. The stools turned out awesome! I really loved your radiator cover, too!

  11. I love how you chose to redo the stools.

  12. OH MY STARS!! I think I have morphed your kitchen!! My island is red too! Did I see this and somewhere in my brain I just saved it and then did it??? And my cabinets are now similar to yours!

    I like yours better though! It's beautiful!! This is so wild! I hope you don't mind that we are very similar! We are kindred spirits!!

    What a hoot!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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