Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sometimes things happen

tumbleweed2 Well if you’ve seen tumbleweed flying down my street in Blogville, I’m just here to say, ‘YES’ I’m alive and kicking. 
You ever start a project, and even though its a big one and you think you have it all planned out in your mind… things never quite go as expected?
My kitchen has been at a bit of a standstill lately.  Although we are in the final stages of putting finishing trim work on, the range hood has proved much more complicated than anticipated.
“What’s so hard about making a box with a fan in it?” I asked naively. “How hard can it be?” I questioned, in my best smart-ass tone.
I shoulda shaddap.  It’s HARD!
Spending weeks in a cold garage priming, sanding, painting and glazing 24 cupboard doors was nuthin’ compared to this.  Oh, but I will have a tutorial on it! You can count on that.  After all the bugs have been worked out, I will finally lay it out in easy to follow steps for someone else to have a much simpler time at assembling one (and I’m sure in a fraction of the time spent)
bandaid 2For now, my DBF has one of these on his hand, thanks to me. I now officially have table saw nightmares.  Yup, it’s happened. 
A nice sunny Saturday to be spent working to finish the kitchen, instead was spent in the emergency room acquiring a few stitches for Mr. Charming.  I feel terrible.  However, he is on the mend. (Looking around…… shhhh…... I’m already planning this weekend for finishing the job.)   Poor bugger.
A big kiss for Mr. Charming, he truly IS my hero. kisslips
Any man who needs stitches and would rather put duct tape on it and keep working is worth his weight in gold. 
Update coming this weekend!
Thanks all.


  1. Youch! Table saws flat out freak me out. That's why mine sits being unused.

    Take your time. We'll all still be here. :)

    Get better soon, amazing hubby!


  2. I'm sure the finished product will be well worth the wait. Can't wait for your "reveal"!

  3. Oh no! Please elaborate on the table saw incident! I love my table saw, and sometimes even use it, but secretly I'm terrified of it! Envisioning pieces of wood being hurled at my face, and fingers being jerked into the blade...!!!

  4. Crafty in Paradise...
    Let's put it this way... Envisioning pieces of wood being hurled at you isn't so far fetched! That's exactly what happened. The blade snagged a piece of wood at the very end of the cut and it went flying! Thank GOODNESS, it hit his hand and not his head! He's a trooper though. (Men think everything can be fixed with duct tape, even That being said, the table saw has been a very important tool in the process. Use yours carefully, with proper eyeware and gear on.. you'll be fine!
    Thanks for reading!


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