Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take a Guess – Contest !

Take a look at this very old cabinet.  I got this little archaic relic completely free, and any thriftress worth her salt, never turns anything down that’s free.  I think this is a dry sink, but I could be wrong.  In any case, here it is.  Take a good look at it, it’s about to become something other than what it is.  It will retain its original form, but it will be used for something completely different.
Think outside the box.
Can you guess ??
The handles aren't real metal handles, they’re tin,  and I could bend it in half with one hand, ( I actually did)
old cabinet 004

The insides were covered in wood mactac.
old cabinet 011
 old cabinet 012
Become a Follower and leave a comment with your guess. 
Try as many times as you like, but one guess per comment. Be concise and descriptive, it just might set you apart from someone else!

The winner will be featured as a guest blogger. We’ll get to know you a little better and  highlight a few of your favorite projects.  

The new item will be revealed this weekend.

UPDATE!!I should add that it appears that this cabinet shows larger in the picture than it really is.
The dimensions are:
30" HIGH x 36" WIDE x 20" DEEP
It's not really tall enough to be a bathroom vanity

Good luck !

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  1. Ooooh what a fun freebie to transform!!! Ok wait did I read that right- we're guessing what it will become?

    Let's see..... I'm reading and re-reading your post trying to see if there's a hidden hint in there but it's late and i've been babysitting my 2 year old neice all day so my witts are gone! ;) I'm going to say maybe a small kitchen island?

  2. Oh wait a mini bar for outdoors!!

  3. Wow.. I love the rustic look it already obtains, however, I think it would be great as a childs toy box/book case. With a basket on the left full of toys and bookcase on the right....
    Some antique childrens novels would look smashing...

    I trust whatever you do will be grand!! looking forward to the transformation.


  4. I'll say a nursery changing table. I see some potential there for that. Whatever it will be I'm looking forward to being inspired!

  5. I am going to say a sideboard or a bathroom vanity cabinet. I am not quite sure how tall it is though.
    I am sure you will do wonders with it though.

  6. Maybe hinge the top and make a chic and disguised laundry hamper since the insides were shot?

  7. Whenever I get something free that I don't know what to do with, I make a play kitchen. ;)

  8. i have no idea but stop by my blog to pick up your award!!

  9. YOu would put one of those bowl sinks on top and make it a vanity?

  10. My first guess was vanity with a vessel sink but I like the hinged lid/hamper idea too. I have no idea! I'm so bad with guessing games and always wrong and curiosity kills me! ;)

    Can't wait to find out!


  11. I absolutely love it Lisa! I think it would be perfect as a bathroom vanity ~ I would take it in a heartbeat. Not so much out of the box ~ sorry...still a bit under the weather and not very creative tonight!

  12. This is a GREAT find!! I LOVE it!! I am already a follower, but I think it would make a GREAT island in the kitchen! But it would be great anywhere!!

    Thank you so much for the award! I am so humbled and will try and get a post up this weekend! 10 things about me.....hmmmmmm

    Lou Cinda :)

  13. I'm guessing maybe a new bookcase. I will be interested to see the finished result. Don't you just love a bargain to remodel. you are a lucky girl.
    Donna xx

  14. This is really cool. I bet it would look great in your dinning room..

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party!


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