Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tiny Slice of Toronto

This past weekend was a holiday weekend in Canada. I was very lucky to be given an EXTRA day off.  A FOUR day weekend!  Although I only live 30 minutes from downtown I don’t get down to the city much, but on Saturday we took a trip to St. Lawrence Market and the Toronto Waterfront. 
For those who aren’t familiar, The St. Lawrence Market started as a Saturday Farmer’s Market in 1803. It’s located in the heart of Toronto, near the Waterfront.
(I cut off the ‘3’, in the picture, but pretend its there)
Toronto 013
The sign of a true master photographer.. wait till you get in the car and take pictures leaning over your dashboard.Toronto 014
I remember visiting here quite regularly when I was small.  My parents would drag us down there on a Saturday morning.  As a child, I was less than impressed.  I remember being traumatized by the crudeness of it all. Displays of pigs heads alongside the pork chops.  This of course was back in 1960somethingorother.  Well I’m happy to report the heads are gone, but the fresh meats and produce are still in abundance.
Here, Canadian Back Bacon is roasted with maple syrup and brown sugar, until the outside is crispy with sweetness.  She will cut you some to take home, but most of us ate it out of the bag while strolling the market.
Toronto 001
You can buy clothes, jewellery,Toronto 008
… and a few whimsical items.Toronto 010
Right outside the market is Toronto’s Flatiron Building, completed in 1892. A favourite of mine.
Toronto 007a
With a shot of the CN Tower in the background.Toronto 006a
A beautiful shot, if I do say so myself. NOT from inside my car.Toronto 017a
A couple of blocks south is the Waterfront, where you’ll find this statuesque lovely lady,
smiling and posing for pictures.
Toronto 024
You’ll also find my boat docked there..
well… maybe some day…(heavy sigh)
Toronto 025 But I DID spot this little beaut available for rent.  I turned to Mr. Charming and hinted at what a wonderful weekend we could spend aboard this dream!!
Toronto 033a
Whereupon Mr. Charming casually turned the camera one spot to the right and said he would be happy to rent this one for me. (extremely heavy sigh)
Toronto 034a
The Tall Ships were also in town this past weekend.  What a treat to see those!
Toronto 032a
The Simcoe WaveDeck is just a little added fun while walking along the Harbourfront.
Toronto 036a
You can choose the level you’re comfortable with.Toronto 037a
Well, that’s my walk around a little slice of this wonderful town this past Canada Day weekend.
canada day


  1. Toronto is a wonderful city...been there many times!~ so much culture, food, shopping, history, just a great place that I say people must visit if given the opportunity. Fantastic photos Lisa!

  2. That bacon sounds divine! The tissue holders are too funny. I want one for my classroom. I think I need to come visit Toronto.

  3. My fiance' grew up in Canada, and is oh-so-proud of his heritage. He's been in the states for 9 years now, but he's all Canadian :-) It's funny 'cause I take pride in his heritage, too! This Canada Day I made myself a "Canada" t-shirt and wore it to work (we work at the same childcare center) - he loved it!

    Thank you for posting these pictures! I've never been to Canada myself and just love to see pictures from there - these were great! I can't wait to show him! :-D

  4. Great photos Lisa. I grew up about a 30 minute walk, or 7 minute streetcar ride on the King line from the market. I felt the same way; grossed out and creeped out. Now I can't get enough of it. My sister in law lives on Queens Quay and does almost all of her shopping there. It's a treat to go in with her because everyone knows her.

    I don't get downtown often enough, but you have reminded me of just how wonderful it is. Thanks.


  5. Ahh Lisa ~ it makes me want to jump on a plane and go for another visit. Of all the times I have visited ~ I rarely get downtown as my relatives live in Brampton. Maybe next time I will actually get to go downtown and wander ~ I would love to go to the market!! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your extra long week-end ~ I had one of those too!! Have a great week!

  6. I really enjoyed this look around Toronto since I've never been there ( never been close actually since Australia is so darn far from ANYWHERE!)

    Thanks for posting this guided tour or part of your hometown. What an awesome place.

  7. New Follower from Trailing Tuesdays!

    ~Lori S.

    PS-Gorgeous pics in your post!

  8. I'm a new follower via Trailing Tuesdays.

    Hope you stop by and say HI.


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