Monday, April 4, 2011

A Couple of ‘Before’s without After’s’

I rarely post before pictures without the after pictures, but I have to show you a couple of great weekend finds.
Mr. Charming and I went out for our weekly ‘scouting outing’ Friday night.  While scouring the Thrift stores for furniture, we spotted this little lovely. As we pulled up and saw this cabinet in their front window, I heard myself say out loud “I WANT THAT”.  It really was my day, when I told the shopkeeper I’d take it, she informed me that it was 25% off.
Cabinets 04-11 004a

A little further back in the store sat the only other piece of furniture they had, this long dresser. Needless to say, that came home with me too. 

Cabinets 04-11 011a 

Right now, I’m working on one of these pieces.   Here is a little snippet of the finish.  Stay tuned to see which piece got this treatment!

snippet of finish 2


  1. Get out! Those are both fabulous pieces, Lisa! I love both of them and I plan on looking for a dresser to make into a buffet. First I need to find a headboard to redo for my bed.

  2. Great score! It will be exciting to see the after photos!!

  3. OK - I cannot wait to see the after shots as I love the first piece but the 2nd piece ~ not so much! I know you are going to make it beautiful though and I will want it ~ lol.

  4. ooooh Lisa....loving the sneak peek of the finish....yummmmmy!!
    Can't wait to see the end result!

  5. whoa!!! amazing finds I love both, can't wait to see the after

  6. What wonderful treasures you found! I love the detail on that dresser. I can't wait to see the reveal. The treatment you're doing on the one is beautiful!

  7. Want Fabulous Finds! I can't wait to see what you do with both of these treasures. Love love the hutch.
    I so want that.

  8. You hit the jackpot! Wow, cannot believe the prices...and can't wait to see the afters.


  9. Not only are those AWESOME prices but the pieces are beautiful!!! I need to find deals like that! woo hoo! WTG!!! Cannot wait to see the end result!

  10. Haha, this made me laugh :) Amazing finds, Lisa! I can only imagine what you will transform them into. I cannot wait to see!! Hope all is well!

  11. Wow!! Those are some awesome finds! Stars are definitely your shape. ;)

  12. Hi Lisa...I googled Monday Linky parties and your blog came up! Your list of linky parties is great. I'm following you now. Can't believe my luck in finding your lovely blog. Come visit mine if you have time. Thanks, Ann

  13. Lisa,
    I can't wait to see what you do!
    I love both of these pieces. And you stole them!!!! What a bargain.
    Enjoy your projects

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