Monday, May 16, 2011

Family Room Transformation

In a previous post you saw how a new wall was constructed in my hallway.  Well now you can see what’s on the other side of that wall and why there was a need for that construction.
Here is my pathetic little room in all it’s previous glory.
board and batten and wall construction 009a
This is the room from the hallway angle before the wall went up.board and batten and wall construction 003
Here is a peek of what is NOW on the other side of the wall.
main floor family room 055a
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Let’s go a section at a time. 
This was BEFORE. Yes I still had one of those big suckers.
This is AFTER
main floor family room 028a 
The wall behind the TV is painted a fabulous green, Martha Stewarts Sultana. Here is what it REALLY looks like, because I couldn’t seem to capture the color in the photos.
The rest of the room was painted a while ago in Benjamin Moore’s Almond Bisque.
main floor family room 029a
The wall art is simply $2 matted picture frames and selected scrapbook paper.
main floor family room 043a
main floor family room 015-horz
main floor family room 082a
This room is mostly used by my kids and their friends, mainly for watching movies, sports and playing Wii.  It’s pretty contemporary for me… although I managed put some my flea market touches here and there. I think it has a nice balance of old and new.
main floor family room 045a
main floor family room 085a
main floor family room 096a
This flea market apple boxes hold extra blankets and pillows…oh and yes, the Flea Market Style Magazine.main floor family room 047a
main floor family room 056a
   main floor family room 059a
Because this room is used for game playing and movie watching, I assembled 4 boxes on the bottom shelf specifically to hide all the Wii gear.  Games, controllers, and the Wii itself are all kept hidden.
main floor family room 081a
I have to bring this light fixture to your attention. Have you ever seen the inside of the lamp shade decorated? 
When you have no choice but to look up inside a hanging light fixture, why not see something worth while ?
main floor family room 068a
You’ve probably noticed the furniture around the TV is Ikea. Although most of my furniture consists of revived older pieces, I do admit you can get some great deals there.
The TV Stand itself was bought in the AS IS section for $60. The cubes on either side, a mere $39 ea.  I also bought a spare flat piece (in the As Is section) that you see behind the TV.  This piece was mounted on the wall to conceal all the wires. Cost =  $10.
main floor family room 115a 
So perhaps now you can see why the windowed wall was needed. With this wall I am able to push the furniture back from the middle of the room.
main floor family room 072b
And with the few orange colored accessories, it really adds some punch.
main floor family room 075a
The kids just love this space now.  As for me… I have to say, I find myself walking by just to take another peek.  That’s a far cry from wincing and turning my head from the room I formally hated.
(Of course a new couch never hurts)
So I guess that’s the end of the story. I no longer have a place in my house that I hate.
Ahhh…time to sit and relax for a bit.
main floor family room 073a
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  1. Looks gorgeous! LOVE IT! I love the mix of old and new!

    Great work! I bet your kids love it!

  2. Lisa! Oh my gosh! This turned out amazing! I LOVE the transformation. I am normally not into contemporaruy furniture at all, but I absolutely love the way that you tastefully added the furniture into the room. LOVE the window wall and absolutely love the punches of orange. You deserve a huge pat on the back.


  3. this did turn out amazing,, the colors all just work beautiful together,, looks magazine ready,,

  4. It looks great, Lisa! I'll bet that sectional comes in handy then with the kids using the room. Building up the wall was a good solution. Love the orange you brought in as accent and the framed scrapbook papers.

  5. Wow, a great transformation! i love all the colors you used the room looks fabulous!!

  6. Love the splash of orange! I'm a fan of almond bisque I have it in my hallway. You can never go wrong mixing the old with the new. AWESOME!

  7. Wow, Lisa - you did a fantastic job on mixing contemporary with your fabulous vintage flea market styling! The "after" room is great! I really love the new couch, too. Would you mind spilling where it's from, too?

  8. Lisa it looks amazing! You did a great job and I bet your children love it!

  9. It looks great Lisa. I bet the kids love hanging out there.

  10. But, but, but, ... where did the horse portrait go?

  11. LOL! Ahhh a true animal lover! Yes the horse portrait is gone from that room but will appear in some other area of the house. This portrait is of Bompago.
    Bompago is a race horse my father owned and he actually won the 1983 Queen's Plate..(Canada's version of the Kentucky Derby)
    I won't banish Bompago completely, don't worry! lol

  12. Love the new space! Great idea with doing a half wall!! Oh and I love LOVE the inside of the lamp shade!

  13. Beautiful room! Excellent job, really enhanced your home. I LOVE the orange accents and the inside of the lamp shade!

  14. Totally not what I expected but what a great space! It looks perfect for hanging out ~ playing games and just chillin'.

  15. Lisa - what a fun space to hang out! You did an amazing job (as usual)! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful transformation in the DIY project parade. I'm including a link back in tomorrow's highlights. ;)

    Have a great week!

  16. I think the old version was nice, but see your issues with wall space. The updated version is great. Love that green!

  17. I just love everything in the room! Beautifully put together!

  18. Lisa I had left a message on your giveaway that I just removed because when I woke up this morning I realized that it probably sounded insulting. I didn't mean it too, I meant it to say that I can't decorate and that I wish I could decorate like you. I am sorry.
    (you did a great job on this room once again!

  19. That looks just gorgeous!!!!We still have one of those big suckers & I refuse to get rid of it. My hubby keeps trying but I give him the evil eye. LOl

  20. WOW, gorgeous! I love the scrapbook art and the orange accessories. And the apple crates as storage...what a fabulous idea!

  21. Wow Lisa! It's a very inviting, comfortable looking room. A room you just want to stretch out in. Nice job! :)

  22. I love it!! The whole room looks fantastic! -Juli

  23. Wow, you did such a great job! I love that you put that wall up. I hate it when walls and windows are in the wrong places (or aren't in the right ones). You were brave to do this total re-do and it looks awesome. :)


  24. Absolutely lovely! I love all the details. The light, pillows, colors, etc. You brought it all together. The moulding in your entryway is gorgeous! Great job!

  25. WOW...what a transformation. I don't like contemporary either...but looks great with a mix of the two.


  26. Wow! Your room turned out the color combo and that lamp shade is awesome! Kristen


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