Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Orphan Stool & Giveaway Winner

When I was walking through my local thrift store I spotted this stool/plant stand towards the end of the isle.  Without missing a step, I scooped it up as I walked by.  No further inspection needed. 
It was slightly wobbly, nothing that couldn’t be fixed and quite scuffed up on top, but I didn’t care.
I put this can of paint beside it to show you just how small it is.  Love the legs!
Footstool during 002a
So what’s a few nails sticking out of the top, scratches, gouges and hammer dents? Nope, didn’t bother me. No-siree.

Footstool during 003a

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I’ve been looking for the perfect wooden step stool for ages… never came across one I really liked until now.  I needed it black, so black it became.  As usual I turned it upside down first and gave it all a complete 2 coats of black paint.
But for the top I wanted something  a little different.  The top was so scuffed up that there wasn’t much finish left on it to sand off, besides I didn’t want it sanded, smooth or cleaned up, so I left it as is.
I cut a Fleur de lis on my Cricut machine and used only the inside piece for my stencil.  I used my handy-dandy dollar store mactac paper for the stencil.
Footstool during 010a
I also taped off the nice curvy edge to keep that from getting painted as well.
Footstool during 014a
Then spray ‘er down with more black paint.
 Footstool during 017a
I will tell you that I don’t wait for my paint to COMPETELY dry before taking off any tape.  I find that depending how the tape job was or how thick you’ve laid on the paint, if it’s completely dry there are times the painted edges will lift off with the tape. If there are any seeps or problems it’s much easier to fix them now.
After very light distressing with a sanding sponge it’s now a rustic little stool that I can virtually put anywhere.
Footstool After 006a
I think leaving the curved edge unpainted added a bit of dimension breaking up the black a bit.
Footstool After 063a
The fleur de lis turned out great, just enough design, not overly bold.
Footstool After 016a
I wanted a small stool for the top of my console table just for holiday decorating.
Footstool After 069a
Footstool After 051a
OR… beside my console..
Footstool After 088a
OR… beside my kitchen island
Footstool After 098a
This little guy is going to be so versatile.
Footstool After 113a

milk paint collage 2Now on to the Giveaway winner of the the Milk Paint Products and Paint brushes.
Thanks to all who entered.
According to Random Number Generator, the winner is
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Congrats Cindy, I’ll be contacting you shortly!
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  1. That turned out great!
    At first, I thought you meant a step stool to stand on...silly me! This is a terrific idea.
    Thanks for sharing-I think I need to shop the house for something similar!

  2. Your little stool is fabulous. I really like the way you painted it and that you left part of it unpainted. That really gave it fabulous character and showcased the design of the stool. Very creative. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh that turned out beautiful! Love it.

  4. What a great stool and project. I like how you have shown it around in different places. Shows the size off better. Do you know in google reader your pictures did not show? Just the text. If I hadn't clicked on your title I would have missed this wonderful post.

  5. What a great little stool, Lisa! Love the color and you will really get a lot of different uses out of it!

  6. Wow, Lisa! I love every piece that you do! Your finishes always look so lovely and so professional! Another great job!

  7. what is mactac that you purchased from the dollar the stool, especially how you left the part brown...looks very nice with the black...
    ksergas at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Kathleen. Perhaps I should clarify that for everyone. I don't know if the word "mactac" is widely known... but it is sticky shelf paper. A roll of adhesive shelf paper that you find in the dollar store. Instead of buying expensive decor vinyl, I use shelf paper.

  9. Hi Lisa
    Your really re-captured the charm of this side table! It is now so beautiful. I recently bought two similarly-sized pieaces that are just waiting for some magic. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Fabulous project! You just keep them coming! My kitchen stool is jealous. :)

  11. Lisa...I'm starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to you....I need to broaden my descriptive repertoire. I love the stool and staging, I hope Mr. Owl enjoyed the photoshoot.

  12. Very cute! I'm going thrift store shopping today. Maybe I'll find the perfect little stool too. Love yours!

  13. This turned out so great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. This is awesome...of course....

    I want to be you when I grow up :)

    Lou Cinda

  15. Cindy must has burst when she found out she won your giveaway ~ congrats to her! This is the cutest little stool Lisa and as per usual I love what you did with it.

  16. What a perfect little addition!
    New follower> : )
    Have a great weekend and hope you'll come by and visit.

  17. Gorgeous little stool! You'll probably have a hard time deciding where exactly to leave it. :-)

  18. That stool is going to come in handy! It turned out great! The black goes with everything, kind of like having that perfect black dress.

  19. I just think this little stool is too darn cute! I love the Fleur de lis stencil and the way that you left the wood showing! Great Job!

  20. Oh that turned out beautiful! Love it.


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