Monday, June 18, 2012

Laundry/Powder Room Progress

Betcha thought you’d never see a post on this again.  I was beginning to think that myself.  It’s been terribly busy and with some good weather and good friends, I’ve found myself socializing slightly more than I deserve to lately. 
In any case, this is the progress so far.
A recap of how my gorgeous Laundry/Powder room looked before can be found here (I can’t bear to post those pictures again).
Basically the laundry area is the bulk of the work.  The laundry room was behind two large bi-fold doors completely hidden from the rest of the washroom, and thank Heavens it was.
Unfortunately my washer and dryer each died on different occasions. The dryer was replaced first to match the washer which in turn died some months later, soooo I ended up with mismatched machines.  Not that it matters, they both do the trick.
Everything you see in this picture below had to be removed.  The washer/dryer were pulled out and set side by side, which is the way they’ll stay.  The bulkhead that separated the two parts of this room was removed.
Laundry powder room makeover1 009a

Now get one of your favorite plumbers, (I say ‘one’ because  there are two plumbers in the family) to rip out the plumbing from behind the machines and reposition it all to a better place. Electrical had to be moved and added as well.
Laundry powder room makeover1 015a
It was precisely at this point I wondered to myself why I couldn’t have left well-enough alone.   (Thankfully that was a fleeting thought.)
Laundry powder room makeover1 019a
On the other side of the room the bathroom the vanity was removed.
Laundry powder room makeover1 012a
Bulkhead removed, patched and freshly painted (wet) ceiling.
Laundry powder room makeover1 032a
Looking better already.
Laundry powder room makeover1 024a
In the meantime, I did something I said I’d never do again… hack some Ikea.
Ikea furniture has a very durable surface that isn’t exactly easy to modify, but they had the cupboards I wanted at the price I liked but unfortunately not the color that worked.
So lets paint up some Ikea doors.
Laundry powder room makeover1 025a
A lot of primers today will allow you to do very little prep work.  Although I always recommend sanding before priming, Ikea products require a LOT of sanding before priming.  Skip this step and I guarantee you’ll be sorry.
The cupboard doors were sanded, primed, sanded and primed again then given the same treatment my kitchen cupboards were given.  Heirloom white and glaze.
Laundry powder room makeover1 030a
While those were drying, we move on to wallpaper.
I’ve always loved wallpaper.  I wasn’t sure why I never used it my homes… I know why.
Laundry powder room makeover1 041a
  Papering a basic square room is tricky enough, but this room posed one challenge after another.
Laundry powder room makeover1 043a
This is my take on wallpapering….. The couple that can wallpaper together, stays together!
Just sayin’.
Laundry powder room makeover1 047a
So here is where we stand today.  I suspect the rest of the reno will go much faster than the first half did. 
Laundry powder room makeover1 051a
To be continued …


  1. Wow, major reno and it is looking fabulous. Love the paper. Hugs, Marty

  2. oh la la - looks like it is coming along will be fantastic I'm sure!

  3. Good thing you have the plumbers in the family. The wallpaper is lovely.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Your laundry room is going to look really great, hopefully you'll feel like it was worth all the effort.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Maybe that is why my XDH and I are not together. We papered together....I fell of a stool and broke my leg! haha..........two plumbers in my family too....sure comes in handy.

    Love that paper! It's getting there!

  6. It's going to be fabulous and so worth all of your effort!

  7. Two plumbers in the house? Lucky! The reno is coming along nicely! My laundry room needs a re-vamp, too, but it's waayyy over my head and I don't have a plumber in the house. Can you spare a plumber? :-)

  8. Just my 2 cents worth, paint the underside of the cupboard frames, not just the doors. If you don't, I promise it will bug you!

  9. In the end it is always worthwhile but you already know that! Love the looks of everything already ~ progress is a great thing. Can't wait to see how your vanity turned out.

  10. This is my first time visiting your blog and it's really interesting and intriguing! This laundry room is going to turn out great! Was it difficult to remove the bulkhead? Would you be able to provide me with some pointers for this area b/c im thinking about removing mine as well...but the process seems kind of scary. Could it be done by myself or should i hire someone to do the job?

    1. Hello How2home
      I believe this particular bulkhead was put in afterwards when the previous owner decided to divide the room to incorporate the laundry facilities. There was no plumbing or wiring going through this bulkhead and there was also drywall underneath. This was very easy to remove. All that needed to be done was to smooth out the ceiling and use drywall compound where needed. With other bulkheads, there is often plumbing/wiring hidden inside and you should make sure that you can remove it. If there is nothing in it, you might need a drywaller to add drywall where there will be none once you take out the bulkhead, unless of course you can do that yourself. If you see the 4th picture in this post you'll see the area beside the vanity. There was both plumbing and wiring in there so I chose to leave it. We could have moved it all, but I chose to leave it alone. I actually had to knock a hole in the wall to find out. Good luck with it !!

  11. Wow big project, looks like it's coming along well though, better than mine at the mo. Ever get the feeling you wish you hadn't started something? ha!

  12. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

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  14. wow! the recaptured charm is such a wonderful and audacious way through which you have put forward such a beautiful blog

  15. this forum shows how creative you are and so beautifully you have shown the recaptured charm , the renovation shown in such a nice way

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  17. I like it when you say " The couple that can wallpaper together, stays together!" well I guess it can be true to some couple. Great job on your reno.

  18. Thanks very nice blog!


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