Monday, November 25, 2013

Burlap & Twine Snowmen

I’m in full Christmas mode lately. 
There’s something about making snowmen that really makes me happy.  Last year I made some sock snowmen and as I put each one together they began to seem just like little people.
These Stately Snowgents are quite majestic themselves.
burlap & twine snowmen4f
Made up mostly from styrofoam, burlap and twine, they come together in no time at all.
And here they are all disassembled.
You’ll need, burlap, twine and styrofoam balls to start.  These snowmen are different sizes, so for the larger one, I used 6”,  4” and 3” balls.  For the smaller snowman, I used 5”, 4” and 3” balls.  You’ll need 2 sheets of black felt.  One toilet paper roll for the hats, some buttons, two small pencils (like Ikea pencils) some orange paint, fabric of your choice and some small decorations for the hat and body.  You’ll also need a hot glue gun.
burlap & twine snowmen20
Cut the bottoms off your large styrofoam balls so the base sits flat.
burlap & twine snowmen21
Cut the burlap in long triangle shapes to glue onto the styrofoam.
burlap & twine snowmen22
Hot glue along edges of burlap then press onto the styrofoam.
burlap & twine snowmen23
Apply all the triangles to the ball.  Don’t worry too much about perfection, it’s burlap and suppose to be a little rustic looking.  You can trim a lot of the stray fibers when you’re done.
burlap & twine snowmen25
Do this for the base and middle sections of both snowmen.
For the head, I used twine and started with a dot of glue at the top and a straight pin to secure it.
burlap & twine snowmen26
Put a little glue on the ball and start wrapping until you get to the other end.
burlap & twine snowmen27
To put the balls together I used bamboo skewers and hot glue.
burlap & twine snowmen30
Cut the toilet paper roll in half and cut your felt to fit. Wrap it around and glue.
Cut one circle to fit on top and glue the edges and place on top.  Cut two circles for the bottom.  Glue the circles together to give extra firmness and glue to the bottom of the roll.
burlap & twine snowmen31-tile
For the nose, I used a couple of pencils and some orange paint, (any orange paint will do).  Paint the pencil, let dry and then saw off what you don’t need.
burlap & twine snowmen28-horz
Glue on the nose and a couple of buttons for eyes.
burlap & twine snowmen36-tile
Cut up any old fabric (or old shirt) into a scarf and a band for the hat.
burlap & twine snowmen37
Finish off with scarves, hat embellishments, arms (or no arms) cedar or ribbon, whatever you like.
burlap & twine snowmen38
No right or wrong way to do it.  Use what you have and have fun.
burlap & twine snowmen39
burlap & twine snowmen40
burlap & twine snowmen41
burlap & twine snowmen42
burlap & twine snowmen44
burlap & twine snowmen45
burlap & twine snowmen46
burlap & twine snowmen47
burlap & twine snowmen48
burlap & twine snowmen50
burlap & twine snowmen49
As a refresher, you can also make these adorable sock snowmen.  Click the picture to go to the tutorial.
Sock Snowman Sock Santa 043a_thumb[6]

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  1. These are darling and thanks for the tutorial:)

  2. And you strike again ~ these are stinkin cute and I need more decorations like I need to gain another 10 lbs. Great idea for a gift though so I will forgive you.

  3. I came over from Style Sisters to see these. They are sooo dang cute! Pinning. laurie

  4. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.


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