Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Simple Wood Finishing

One step Stain and Finish.

I have had the privilege of trying something new recently. Something that you might find very interesting if you refinish furniture.

Staining just doesn’t get any easier than this.

minwax cloths 3

This is what I started with…

I was given two packages of Wood Finishing Cloths and a wine  bottle & glass holder, some sand paper and a clean cloth.

Minwax cloths 1

Before staining any wood, you must sand it and make sure it’s dust free.   After sanding peel the label and remove one of the cloths inside.  The label will then close to keep the remaining cloths from drying out.

minwax cloths 4

I should mention that each package of Wood Staining Cloths comes come with handy dandy plastic gloves.

minwax cloths 5

Wipe the staining cloth in the direction of the grain.  The color used for this project is Dark Mahogany.  The product comes in 5 colors.

minwax cloths 6

Wipe the excess stain off with the rag.

If you want a deeper color, allow to dry for one hour before applying a second coat.  I actually did apply a second coat.

minwax cloths 7

Each package will cover 50 sq feet.   Clean up is easy with soap and water.  This stain is for interior use only.

I should mention that this is not only stain but also a finish.  If you prefer a matte look for your wood, this finish is very matte.  If you prefer a slight sheen you might want to finish with something else,  but if you’re after a very rustic, or natural finish, this would be perfect.

I also received this awesome Minwax work apron.  Love it!

minwax cloths 9

This is the finished product.

minwax cloths 10

These staining cloths are extremely simple to use.  Clean up is a snap.  I’d most definitely use them again.

minwax cloths 11

minwax cloths 12

minwax cloths 13

minwax cloths 14

minwax cloths 15

Experience the fast and easy way to wood finishing for yourself.

For more info visit www.minwax.ca


  1. WOW, those look really great! I'll have to try them sometime! Love the easy clean up.

  2. It seems like the wood finishing product is a good one! This will help my clean furniture.. I would love to try it.

  3. It seems like the wood finishing product is a good one! This will help my clean furniture.. I would love to try it.

  4. These are perfect Lisa ~ I will have to look for them for my next project!

  5. I would like to recommend this to others. I have used it and found it very useful.

  6. I don't know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

  7. I really like this do it yourself project for wood sanding. I think this a really classy simple project. I would like to learn more about other wood finishing projects. sandblasting

  8. Do you think this could be used on cardboard? I'm looking for cheap and easy ways to achieve a wood grain effect and would love a reply: donotpitch@gmail.com. Thank you!


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