Friday, June 15, 2018

Kitchen Redo, 2

If you’ve followed this blog you’ve seen every room in the house renovated.
If you’ve followed long enough you’ll see the kitchen renovated twice. 
Because there was so much to do in this house and the kitchen was a disaster, we redid the kitchen on a strict and very low budget, all the while knowing I would come back to it and do it up the way I really wanted.
After 10 years, that time  has finally come.
kitchen makeover island area 1a
Now I know there will be people looking at the before pictures saying … “Really ?”
But yes, really.  Even the kitchen cupboard company we used commented on how lovely the kitchen looked in pictures before we started.  And yes, it did look lovely and I loved it for a long time.  But the cold hard truth is, it was never fully functional.  The cupboard doors masked old pieced together cabinets behind.  After ten years some hinges just didn’t have much to screw into anymore.
We really grappled with what to do with the countertop and we were told by the granite company that there was 60% chance it would crack when removed and it would be useless to us.  We ended up keeping the granite on the island and incorporated it with new granite on the kitchen sink side.  Caesarstone to be exact.
The overall effect of the new kitchen is light and airy.  Everything was whitened up including the walls.
kitchen makeover prep area 1
kitchen makeover 14
We opted for a farmhouse sink, or apron sink.  It’s something I’ve always wanted.  I did a lot of research on the different materials they came in, stainless, fire clay, granite, acrylic.  I even came very close to purchasing a Copper farmhouse sink.  But the more I researched the more I decided that the stainless was a good fit for me.
kitchen makeover sink 1 
kitchen makeover sink 3
I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this sink.  I definitely use the grate at the bottom though.  My OCD doesn’t allow for any scratches or marks at the bottom, so that grate stays in.  I also wipe down the sides of the sink after every use, but that’s just another level of obsessiveness we can get into later.
kitchen makeover sink grate 2a
The backsplash is a Carrera Marble in Oriental White.
kitchen makeover stove area 3
kitchen makeover stove area 2a
kitchen makeover corner 1
To the right of the stove we made this spice rack. It’s so convenient to have right where I need it.
spice rack 3
To the left of the stove, finally a garbage receptacle that doesn't require bending down below the sink.  One bin for garbage, the other for recycling.
kitchen makeover garbage drawer 1a
In the picture below, you can see the far left cabinet comes out further.  This was done to hide the stack that contains plumbing and couldn't be moved.  We actually gained a little room doing it this way.
kitchen makeover coffee corner 1
Light and airy sheer curtains ensure the light is always coming through.
kitchen makeover patio door 1
As usual, there’s always the coffee corner.
kitchen makeover coffee corner 2
kitchen makeover coffee corner 3
The island is meant to be a stand alone piece.  The color and design of the cupboard doors are different.  This is meant to incorporate the different granite on top.  In a kitchen that is white and simplistic, it adds an element of old style that blends with the rest of the kitchen and main floor.
The microwave is off the counter and tucked away perfectly in the island, and we finally have power in the island!  A small thing, but something I’ve been waiting for.
The space under the microwave is to house some of my larger wood cutting boards.
kitchen makeover island area 4a
kitchen makeover island area 2
Now of course,  you all know how one thing snowballs into another. 
The kitchen was painted a soft white including the eating area.  Chairs had to be recovered, furniture moved or replaced, pot lights were all redone, electrical moved around, new window treatments, new stools, you know…that kind of thing.  Lets not forget the new paint in the living room just off the kitchen and new wallpaper, new rug, new couch, yada yada yada…
chairs 1
New huge pantry on the left.  I’ve been loving that.
eating area 1
The corner bookshelf was replaced by a corner glass cabinet reminiscent of the old Apothecary cabinets.
kitchen makeover corner cabinet
kitchen makeover corner cabinet 2
kitchen makeover fridge 1
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Recaptured Charm, let me remind you what the kitchen previously looked like.
Yes I know.  It’s lovely. Lovely but not entirely functional.  We bought MDF cupboard doors and finished them ourselves.  The backsplash is bead board, and I must say that for 10 years, it  held up beautifully.
And yes, I am sad to see my beautiful awning go.  But, time for a change.
If you’d like to see more of this version of the kitchen click HERE
kitchen 1
kitchen awning
How about we take this one step further to when I bought the house.
If you wanna go wayyy back, click HERE
This was the room beside the kitchen that was used as a TV room by the previous owners.
This is our eating area.
kitchen 2007 2
The walls and the entry to the kitchen area were widened and the arch was put in.
But that’s all another story.
kitchen 2007 4
For now we’re thoroughly enjoying the bright kitchen of today.
kitchen makeover coffee corner 1

A very big thank you to Sylvia from HC Kitchen.  You were wonderful to work with.

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