Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old and Proud

This old gal is surely an Antique.
(The dresser, not my daughter holding up the mirror, because YET AGAIN I forgot the before picture before dismantling it)

As beautiful as it was she wasn't without her battle scars.

Some fixing up and lotta love later,
she blossomed!

White with faded yellow green drawers and mirror
she is a welcomed addition to any home.

She still bears reminders of her ancient past, but  she wears them pride!


  1. Gorgeous dresser and you did a great job with the old girl. She deserved a second chance on life and that's just what she got! I'm starting to have Feature Furniture Fridays, so I'll have to tuck this transformation away as a candidate to feature.

  2. LOVE the dresser!!! Just went through all your recent posts & they are all amazing! The dresser just looks awesome! Wanted to let you know that I am passing the "honest scrap" award onto you! Please see my blog for details. Take Care!


  3. Great job with the dresser. You sound like me! I also forget before pictures.

    I also enjoy finding discarded pieces of furniture and giving them new life.


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