Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny Chalkboard Table

I've been fixated on Chalkboard paint for a while now.
I just want to chalkboard EVERYTHING!

So I took this tiny little table that had leather on it...

stripped the worn and marked leather off, painted her up ....

and of course...

Ok, I think I'm done with Chalkboard paint for a while.


  1. Love it...what color is the aqua? Til a fabulous shade.

  2. super cute table of course! everything you touch is golden :-)!

    To answer your question about the travertine...I did install it. You are so right, it wasn't easy. But worth it. You know since you've already done your floor. My counters weren't too bad because I didn't have to cut too much -- only around the stove. But the edges were a little more challenging (a wonderful nice man at Lowes did all the miter cuts for me on them!! And he did a perfect job...can you believe it?) But all in all I totally love the look~ I just love travertine & to me nothing compares to the 'feel' you get from it. It does need to be sealed though. But I just reseal it every so often. no biggie.

    Thanks for coming by!


  3. The table turned out darling. Love the turquoise and black togethrt. Sue

  4. lisa, great table, too cool, thanks for stopping by :)

  5. So cute! I love the color you chose for it. And making the middle and chalkboard was the perfect idea.

  6. This is such an adorable piece! It was the like the chalkboard was meant for THAT table! What a neat and unique shape. Love the distressed touches you added too.


  7. I love it! Great job! The color is gorgeous and I'm a chalkboard paint fan too. SO cute!



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