Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carving Up Some Memories

Now is a good time to share my Carved Santa & Angel with you.
A while back I took a couple of wood carving classes.  I thoroughly enjoyed them. I have keepsakes that will be in my family for years to come. 
Here is the Santa I carved from a block of wood.
All this cost me was the cost of a class, and a few sore muscles.

and from another block of wood, came this beautiful Angel.

(No injuries to report on this one)

While I'm at it... let me show you a couple of other carvings I did.
My little Cafe Sign.
(In case you don't know, I have a thing for Cafe and Bistro signs)

And of course.. A Bistro Sign!
All this one cost me was the cost of the class and a nasty scar on my hand.

Yep another of myTeacup Lamps.
Such a pretty colour

ok, back to the carving...

If you ever get the chance to take a wood carving class, try it.
It was an enjoyable day and I came away with a few things that I'll always cherish.

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  1. Wood carving is definitely on my list of to do's one day. Yours look wonderful!
    Love your lamp and all that aqua blue is making me jealous!

  2. wow ~ is there anything you can't do??!! Beautiful pieces ~ loving that lamp too.

  3. Love your blog... my sister and daughter are Lisa's. Funny, my sis loves her coffee and has a coffee/chocolate brown and aqua kitchen. Small world sometimes...

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The angel is so sweet. Did you really carve those? Incredible!

  5. You carved those?!?! Craziness! You are quite the artist. The santa and angel are just gorgeous. Thanks for linking up and showing off your talent.


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