Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veggie Centerpiece

Here's a little something I whipped up for a family holiday dinner. It's so easy, anyone can do it. All it takes is a trip to the grocery store.

2 Medium size artichokes
Handful green beans, enough to go around the candle of your choice
1 bundle of asparagus
4 candles, different heights and sizes
Ribbon to go around beans and asparagus
Any fresh flowers in season. Use fall colours for Thanksgiving or spring flowers for Easter!

Hollow out enough of the artichoke to fit the candle of your choice. Put it all together on a fancy plate, or even better, use a flat pedestal dish.

Use an elastic while putting beans and asparagus around candle. Place the veggies under the elastic to keep it all together. Put ribbon around the elastic to cover it or remove elastic after tying with ribbon.  I did this at the last mintue and didn't have candles that were different heights so I used several little espresso plates to bring them up. Anything goes!   So Easy.


  1. very festive! I like it! are those hydrangea blooms?

    Mine are totally yucky now. :-{
    Rain does not do much for them!


  2. i love that artichoke! i think i'm gonna try that for my thanksgiving tablescape. thanks for the great idea!

  3. These are too cute for words and too easy!! They are the perfect centerpiece for a buffet table..

    Love your new header!

  4. I just have to ask...can you eat the veggies after you're done displaying them?!! I love asparagus!


  5. The best idea I have seen since one of my friends brought different dips in differnt colored bell peppers!
    Thank you....Mizz Gotrocks

  6. How cool,eligant and easy is this!! So lovely, too!! I have always had a thing for artichokes for some reason!! I have seen them used for decorating in so many cool ways..this being one of them!!!

  7. This looks fabulous! Love it.


  8. OMGosh this is way too cute!~ I will be stealing this idea sometime!


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