Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the kitchen chronicles - Part 2

So now that you've seen one half of my kitchen, (the nice half) it's time to reveal the not-so-nice half. The previous owners rearranged the kitchen cabinets from the original layout, and I'm glad they did, but they didn't reuse the original cabinet doors, they made new ones ...  out of plywood.  Terribly painted plywood cupboard doors, Complete, with a plywood hood cover.  tsk.. tsk..... terrible.

Unfortunately, my camera isn't all that great and any real close up pictures I took just came out blurry.. so you'll have to take my word for the fact that these thickly-paint-ladened doors are just plain nasty.

I won't even start the appliance rant! But never the less, I cook, bake and prepare all meals in this lovely setting.... you can see my freshly baked buttermilk pie out to cool!

Ooohhh, now let's take a peek at that GORGEOUS tile countertop, shall we ?? Slightly uneven, ALWAYS hard to clean and I'm sure totally unsanitary no matter how many harsh chemicals I use on it. 
How about that devine backsplash?
Now you see it ??

Now you don't !

Next up............ Replacing Cupboard Doors

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