Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the kitchen chronicles

I know I’ve been virtually M.I.A. lately, but with good reason.  I am getting ready to undertake a major project.  My kitchen is about to receive a well deserved facelift.  Since I am not hiring this work out, it is going to take me some time to complete. 
Rather than take a before picture and then magically come up with an after picture, (it’s just all too much work to be reduced to a couple of pictures)  I thought I would chronicle the process.
Let’s start right from the beginning shall we?  Here is the ‘BEFORE before” picture.  I call it that because this picture was taken when I purchased my home almost 3 years ago.  This is the entire kitchen as the previous owners had it.  (Their kitchen table, not mine).  See this blue room in the forefront of the picture?  
all 022

This room was used as a sitting room off the kitchen. (WHY ?  I don't know!) …………….. But I had a vision.  This room was about to become a larger part of the kitchen.
all 055
Here is a shot of the kitchen from another angle.  Keep your eye on the pantry cupboards in the right wall.   Now lets move on!
all 024
Let’s start by ripping out the parquet flooring in the blue room and remove all the ceramic tiles in the kitchen area.  As a matter of fact, we removed all the flooring on the entire main floor.
all 069
Unblueing the blue room.  You can also see the new subfloor that has gone in and in the process I decided to widen the entrance between the blue room and the kitchen. 
all 096
SO… out comes the pantry and some walls.  The opening between the blue room and front hallway was also closed off. Now for the fun part!
all 120
In goes a beautiful archway to open the kitchen wide up. You can see the wall being built to close off the blue room and hallway.
all 144
The entry to the kitchen (beside the fridge) was also widened. You can see the hardwood flooring making it’s way down the hallway.
all 128
The arch with a little more detail. The popcorn ceiling in the blue room was also scraped off a few days later to match the smooth ceiling in the kitchen area.
all 141
This island was put together with cabinets bought at Home Depot, then covered with finished plywood and MDF.
all 153
For a little added punch, I painted the island red.
all 157
You can see the new place for the pantry (to the left) where the entry was closed off.  I can also stop calling the blue room “the blue room”, as it’s currently a nice soft yellow/gold. My little kitchen table appeared totally lost in that area and has since been replaced.
all 161
So here is a shot of the arch, all finished. All previous tiny baseboards were replaced with 8" baseboards.
kitchen before 014
There’s a story behind this interesting ceiling mount for my pendant lights.  When the old owner had their kitchen table where the island is now, they had a medallion and a chandelier. As hard as I tried I couldn’t scrape or sand that glue off the ceiling once the medallion was removed.  How to hide the hideous glue ?  Build 3 squares in an interesting pattern.  It hides the mess and looks like it was meant to be!
So believe it or not……. here is where my renovation STARTS.  This is the kitchen I have been living with now for 2 years.  What you HAVEN’T seen is the dreamy plywood cupboards and tile countertop I’ve also been living with for 2 years!!!   Auughhhh!   Well their time has come.
This is where the KITCHEN CHRONICLES begins……  Stay tuned!!


  1. What an undertaking, I am impressed! This makes my kitchen face lift look like a walk in the park.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment regarding my Framed Monogram. If you hadn't stopped by, I wouldn't have gotten to feast my eyes on this tranformation. Love.

  2. Cool... I'm so watching! I can just about taste the drywall dust. :D

    That archway is AMAZING.


  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm...........I love that arched opening.......what a fabulous idea....Now, am I missing something? This is the OLD kitchen? alllll looks wonderful to me!

    Warm blessings,

  4. That was quite the transformation already, I can't imagine how beautiful everything will be when done. I'll be watching.

  5. Simply G"O"R"G"E"O"U"S... I love the detail on the archway. Can't wait to see more.

  6. Wow! That is a major undertaking!! I also love the archway ~ Cannot wait to see the end result!!


  7. wow, I can't believe all that is the before. I like all the layout changes you made - they seem to really improve the house and I'm in love with your archway - I hope that is staying!!

  8. So beautiful! I love the island! The red looks amazing. Beautiful archway as well.

  9. How impressive! I just love the archway and the pantry/cupboard. Great Idea for hanging the pendant lights too!

  10. WOWEEE KAZOWEE! I agree with everyone but I must say...I LOVE THAT RED ISLAND! Wow. Everything looks wonderful and I love the color combinations. This really is must be sooooo happy with how it is turning out!

  11. Wow! This is amazing. Loving that arch.
    And I really love the punch of red on the island.

  12. That archway is fabulous! Did you actually do that or did you and the hubby or what? I am totally in awe if you did it and would love to know how. LOL, i am only allowed to use hubs drill and that's with his permission. HAHA

  13. How crazy! We are in the process of doing our kitchen and I am hoping it will look somewhat similar...cream cabinets, black island, and granite. I love yours! We are right now ready to glaze our cabinets, but I was wondering the type of glaze you used, was it oil-based? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!

  14. That is an amazing should feel so proud. I love your island as well!

  15. Where did you purchase your black and white curtain?

  16. Love your kitchen! I have been working on a kitchen remodel and I would love to find out how I can get the garden window covering. I would love to order one!!! Kathy -

  17. Love this kitchen!!!! Where can I get the window treatment???? It would fit perfect in our garden window!


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