Thursday, February 11, 2010

what’s your kitchen style?

As I’ve been in the midst of redoing my kitchen, I’ve also been scouring the net for ideas, styles and colours.  But I’ve come to realize something.  It really doesn’t matter what’s new on the market, or what the current trend is. My style is still my style.   And I always gravitate to the Rustic, Country or Tuscan style kitchen.  Anything too streamlined, new or too shiny, simply doesn’t appeal to me. It’s strictly a personal preference. 
Take a look at this kitchen.  Everything about this rustic style grabs my attention. The warm feel, the wood floors, the brick.  The textures and colours are warming and appealing.
French Kitchen
I could grab my spatula and move right into this one.rustic kitchen5
Can you just imagine the view from this place?  I’m left with a burning desire to see the rest of this house.
rustic kitchen 2
I can just smell the wood burning fire in this home. The rustic table legs, columns and beams are fabulous. Check out the chairs at either ends of the table.rustic kitchen 3
(I really do have a thing for black islands)rustic kitchen southern living
I simply adore the floor in this kitchen as well as the textured treatment on the walls.
No.. wait!!  Maybe my spatula and I will move into this one!!

So there are a few of my ALL TIME DREAM KITCHENS!
What’s your kitchen style?


  1. mine is very similar to yours, but i think they call it french country i like the creams and yellows, corbels and moulding everywhere, etc.

  2. Oh My! Aren't they all just to die for? I think I'm torn between #6 and #7--those floors remind me of a favorite flagstone patio my husband did for me two houses ago...ahhh...I miss that house.

    Hope you have a great Valentine Weekend my freind.

  3. Oooh I loved a rustic kitchen for sure! :)

  4. Whichever style has the most food in it...

  5. Wow - move over because I am moving in with you! My taste is very similar to yours Lisa even though my kitchen now does not truly reflect my taste. #2 & #3 photo's are my fav's...

  6. The tree trunk column and the flagstone floors would be in my dream kitchen! Ooh, I just fell head over heels in LOVE!

  7. I think mine is a bit artsy.... but I do like a little bling!


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