Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Button for Recaptured Charm

Ok, for my loyal and fabulous readers that don't have a blog you can skip this, BUT come back soon as I have something for you too!

For all my Blog pals out there, Recaptured Charm FINALLY has a button!  Yes it took me this long to figure out how to make one.  (Well I had one before but it never worked).  This one works!

I'd be completely thrilled and overjoyed if saw it on all or some of your sensational blogs. You can grab it right over here on the right --->

I'll also take this opportunity to express my thanks for the delightful comments and encouragement I receive on a daily basis.

Another thank you shout out to Ewa from a blog called Delishh.  Ewa graciously awarded me The Sunshine Award and I am truly grateful!   Please hop over and check out her blog for some yummy recipes and tasty ideas.

Reminder that Recaptured Charm's One Year Blog-iversary is coming very shortly.  Can you say... Sterling Silver?  I knew that you could.  I'll announce the prize next week!  No hoops to jump through, just be a follower and add a comment.  I'll let you know when !

Thanks to all !


  1. Good! I grabbed your other one. I didn't work but I used it to get back to your site. I'll replace it now. Thanks

  2. I love your layout and button, from friday follows

  3. Congratulations on your award and your button.
    I have not yet figured out buttons.


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