Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etched Wine Bottle Candle Holders

I’ve been saving up some wine bottles for some time. I’ve also been wanting to do some glass etching for some time.
So here are my decorated etched wine bottles.
Here is what I started with. I had brown, green and clear. For this project I chose three clear ones.  Remove labels, and thoroughly wash bottles inside and out. (You might want to do this a few days ahead of time, as mine took 3 days to completely dry inside.)
etched wine bottle candle sticks 007a
I bought etching cream (which was.. uhh..slightly expensive) so to compensate for that, instead of buying vinyl, I bought cheap dollar store adhesive vinyl shelf paper and used that for my stencil.
etched wine bottle candle sticks 012a  Attach the shelf paper with backing to the Cricut Cutting Mat and cut your letters.
etched wine bottle candle sticks 015a
Peel off backing and apply to your bottle, leaving no air gaps or bubbles around your letters.  Make sure your vinyl  is sealed. Apply etching cream over the cut outs, ensuring that none of the cream gets anywhere else on the bottle.. etching is permanent.  Leave it for  5-8 minutes. Keep your eye on it so that it doesn’t drip or run.  Oh, and don’t  get any on your arm, it burns. (yes, I know that first hand.)
 etched wine bottle candle sticks 018a 
Wash off the etching cream with cold running water.etched wine bottle candle sticks 020a
My Christmas bottles will be decorated with the words
EAT      DRINK     & BE  MERRY
I’m telling you this now, because 96 pictures later I still couldn’t get a good picture of the etching.  In person, they look beautiful, but the pictures don’t seem to show it off.
etched wine bottle candle sticks 022a
Decorate with beautiful Christmas scrapbooking paper and some ribbon.   I found some paper that had some Christmas labels and sayings. I cut those out and applied them over the patterned paper.  All paper was applied with Modge Podge .
etched wine bottle candle sticks 027b
etched wine bottle candle sticks 036a
Add candles. Pour wine.  Admire.etched wine bottle candle sticks 043a
etched wine bottle candle sticks 088a
etched wine bottle candle sticks 080a

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  1. what an awesome idea!!!! thnx!

    ~the mama monster

  2. Very nice... and budget-friendly!


  3. You may already know this, but once the cream has set for the alloted time, you can scrape it back into the bottle before rinsing. (I use a wooden craft stick to apply the cream and scrape it back into the container.) Makes that expensive etching cream last a bit longer! Love the dollar store vinyl idea!!

  4. I love this idea. I've never tried etching cream but have always wanted to. Love the idea of recycling the bottles and even prettier with the labels. Great project! Thanks for posting it!

  5. very very cute....take care of that burned off etching accident arm of yours! who knew crafting could be so DANGEROUS??

  6. This is a wonderful project. I bought some etching cream a while back but have not used it. And thanks for the tip about using the vinyl from the dollar store in the Cricut!

  7. Your bottles are just lovely. I have done this myself before and I love the look.

    Happy Holidays

  8. Lisa,
    Thanks so much for all your help! I love this project!!
    smiles, alice

  9. This really turned out nice! I love the Christmas labels - the sizes and shapes and how perfectly it all looks on the different papers. It all coordinates so perfectly! Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Great idea and I love the colors you chose!

  11. Okay, these are just too awesome. Love everything about them. Creative and fun! Terry

  12. So cool, Lisa! What a lovely conversation piece for the table as well. So pretty!


  13. They're gorgeous, and what a neat idea!

  14. How pretty and so creative! I love these and they would make a GREAT hostess gift!!

    LOVE this!

    Lou Cinda

  15. Love it! Stop on over and see another great idea for wine bottles! Here is the link:

  16. You might want to try frosted paint. For me, it has completely replaced etching cream for these. Types of applications. Just a thought. Love this idea.

    1. Hi
      I have actually worked with frosted spray paint before and as much as I think it's wonderfully convenient, you can't touch water to it. Etched glass is permanent and you can wash your bottles (or items over and over again). Thanks for visiting!

  17. Great gift idea! Oh, if you roll up a paper towel from one corner...makes the towel longer...and put it in the bottle it will absorb the water in less than a day...

  18. Just found your site. It's great! This is a terrific idea. I do some etching and learned to use:
    (1) LONG rubber gloves to protect my arms (2) Dollar Store shower hats and curtain liners for protective shoe covers, clothes and surfaces (3) Dark blue velvet behind the project to make the etching pop. Hope this helps


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