Sunday, December 12, 2010

Etched Cookie Jar

I wanted to personalize a Christmas gift for someone special this year. I found a great glass canister and thought it would make a terrific personalized cookie jar.
Etched Cookie Jar 072a
So here is what I started with.
Etched Cookie Jar 007a 
Here is a sample cut before I cut the adhesive paper.
Etched Cookie Jar 015a
Again, I used my etching cream, and $1 adhesive vinyl shelf paper for the stencil.  Apply the etching cream on designated spots and leave for 10 minutes.  Rinse off, or as a reader mentioned in my previous post, you can scrape it off save it and use it again.  Good tip!
Etched Cookie Jar 017a
After the initial etching I etched a few little flower touches here and there.Etched Cookie Jar 029a
Etched Cookie Jar 032a
I filled the jar with a variety of delicious individually wrapped Italian Biscotti.
Etched Cookie Jar 041a
Etched Cookie Jar 046a
Etched Cookie Jar 042a
Etched Cookie Jar 047a
Etched Cookie Jar 056a
Now since Angela reads my blog every day, she will surely see her Christmas Present early.
Merry Christmas Ang, I couldn’t ask for a better co-worker!
Holiday signature test 1
On a side note, I am very pleased to announce that Online Degrees has compiled a list of the Top 50 DIY Craft Blogs for University and College students looking for ideas for gifts on a budget.
I am proud to be included in the top 50.
Check out the site, there are 49 other sites worthy of a look!
diy craft blogs

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  1. That's really cute, Lisa! I've never worked with etching cream, but I'm going to have to get some. You've done some fun things with it.

  2. Oh I love this a lot! Very pretty and fun to make it so personal!

  3. Very beautiful. I would like to know how you cut out the letters on the vinyl? They look so perfect. Did you use an exacto knife?


  4. Hi Linda
    Had you asked me that a month ago I would have told you I did exactly that... used an exacto knife, but I have since bought myself a Cricut and I can't tell you how much easier all these projects have become!
    Thanks for visiting,

  5. to my very artistic friend - despite how long i've known you, and how very talented i know you to be, you still never fail to amaze me with each and every project you take on, from one spectrum to another...keep creating girl...have a great day...your constant follower...the 'aged'

  6. This turned out great! Love the font and end result -just fabulous. :)

  7. What a fun gift! I bet Angela will be thrilled with it. I admire how you are always tackling learning a new project. I love this cookie jar. So creative, personalized made with love and filled with delicious biscotti. What could be better!

  8. This is awesome! A great gift idea. I have been too timid to try etching cream, but now I think I have to!

    Will you come see my blog?

  9. it's the gift that keeps on giving, she can use the container for other goodies too, longer after the biscotties are gone. :)

  10. I love glass etching!! The only reason I have kept my cricut is for doing these type projects. I love my cricut but I just cannot get into scrapbooking. I also made your mason jar tealights. Turned out cute. Thanks for the idea and keep sharing you adventures it!!

  11. So cute!

    Come enter my linky party as well as the current giveaways!!

  12. What a great hostess gift! Very cute!

    I'm hosting a week of Christmas linky events with 4 other bloggers. Hope you can stop by and check it out!

  13. Lisa that is fabulous! You have such great ideas...your friend is going to adore it. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  14. Anela is one lucky girl!! She is going to love this! I LOVE it!

    So cute!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lou Cinda

  15. I don't know why etching cream scares me... I need to just get over it so I can create a GORGEOUS jar like you! Very nice!

  16. Hi there! You are super crafty, I love so much of your blog. Your etched, glass, the bookcase, your kitchen redo.

    I'm following you now! Please visit me too if you get some time.

    Take Care!

  17. This is such cute and THRIFTY idea...thanks for sharing it. Merry Christmas!


  18. I linked to you tonight! Thanks sooooo much for the great idea!

  19. I'm having a love/hate relationship with your blog. I LOVE your style and projects - I HATE it that I want to look at every single one of your posts - LOL - I'm afraid I might miss something, but in the process my family is missing laundry, meals, etc. Thank you so much for your tutorials and for sharing!!!!

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