Friday, August 16, 2013

Ugly Mantle Fix & Look, No Wires!

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.   I hate wires & cords.  What is a Cord Free Mantle? Just you wait and see…
Mantle redo21b
In redoing the upstairs family room I knew when all was said and done, I didn’t want to see cable boxes, DVD players, Wii Consoles or cords. 
That being said, here is a look at what we started with.   Ever show a ‘before’ picture and be totally embarrassed about it?  Yup.
I present to you….. “Ugly Mantle”.
Mantle redo1
That missing piece of trim was ripped off about 4 months before we actually did this project.  I’m still not sure why.  The brass fireplace insert is still ugly I’m sorry to say…. but that will be a post for another day.
Mantle redo2
I have no idea what the builder was thinking when they put this fireplace together but the drywall and lower level mantle has always driven me nuts.
Mantle redo3
Step one is getting the TV mounted on the wall. 
Mantle redo4
This made some serious mess.
Mantle redo5
There were holes everywhere including behind the TV. 
Mantle redo6
A plug was installed on the wall behind the TV and a  hole was cut for cables to be fed through.  We used this type of Easy Mount Cable Plate to cap the hole.
When all the wires were fished through we used the drywall hole pieces to plug up the holes on the wall.  Mantle holes didn’t need to be plugged.
Mantle redo7
Mantle redo8
We used the same wood as the side cabinets.  Getting it ready to sit on top.
Mantle redo9
Mantle redo10
Mantle redo11
Mantle redo13
A little white trim under the new wood mantle and it’s done.
Mantle redo22

Mantle redo16
Mantle redo17
Notice the absence of cable boxes/DVD player?
With the help of this little eye, all remotes can now be pointed at the TV and you never have to see a box again.   It’s an Infrared Remote Control System and I’m ecstatic about it!
Mantle redo18
I got mine from Buffalo Electronics.
The wire from the Eye goes behind the TV through the wall and down into my cabinets.  We drilled a good sized hole on the bottom shelf to allow for ventilation as those boxes do throw some heat.
Mantle redo19
The wired sensors attach to the sensor on your machines.
Mantle redo20
No unsightly boxes anywhere.
Mantle redo21
I did one of these when it was all hooked up!
jump for joy


  1. Oh wow, everything looks amazing. I love it. What a fabulous makeover. Hugs, Marty

  2. This looks really good! Love your new mantle, and the wireless look is wonderful! Great job!

  3. Lisa, that looks great! I could handle a TV above my mantle if it looked like this. I love that you see no cords or boxes. Great job!

  4. I would be doing the happy dance too. Your mantel looks so much better! I love how you made the new top deeper to cover up the drywall. I agree that sometimes the way builders put things in really makes no sense.

  5. I. Need. That. Eye!

    Looks wonderful :)

  6. I don't know what I am more excited for ~ the mantle or the new remote system! It looks great!

  7. We would love to do something like this with our mantle. Definitely a future DIY post on First House Spouse! Way to go, Lisa!

  8. I have no idea if this is a stupid question or not...I'm that electronically challenged! But we have a DVD player is love to hide, however the cords would still need to be attached on the side of the TV. How did you hide your cords? The player itself I get but where is it plugged in to the TV and how is it hid?

    1. Sherri, A few pictures down (the 8th picture), you'll see the white cable plate that we used to feed the wires that are plugged into the side of the tv, down through the wall and out the side of the fireplace. This takes a lot of work and some extra holes to feed everything through, but all the wires go in the wall and out to where you hide your boxes.

  9. I just found you on Pinterest. We recently bought a house and are getting ready to give the fireplace a face lift. I was trying to figure out a way to hide the wires for the tv, etc., but I'm curious...are the sensors still working as well as when you installed them? I would love to know before I invest. Thanks for any info!


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