Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick and Easy Sofa Shelf

Why is it, no matter where the builder puts floor vents they’re inevitably in the way?  This upstairs family room has two vents.  One is behind the loveseat in front of the large window, and one is right below the large sofa.   Our previous sofa had a little room underneath, enough to slip an extended vent deflector to direct the heat out the front.   This sofa is much lower to the ground and has to be moved away from the vent to allow for heat and a/c to get through.  A simple shelf was created to remedy this problem since it made no sense to spend money for a sofa table you wouldn’t see anyway.
sofa shelf 1
This will be the quickest tutorial you’ll ever read.
Take a measurement of the length of your sofa.  I wouldn’t extend it past the sofa, I think it looks best tucked behind.   Go to your local lumber yard or big box home store and get yourself a nice piece of wood.  I chose knotty pine to go along with the new rustic coffee table.  Eight inches wide was all I wanted for behind the couch.
sofa shelf2
Sand the entire piece, slightly rounding the edges to ensure it will be splinter free.  I used the same Minwax Walnut stain, that I used on the Rustic Coffee Table finished with a Minwax Satin Polyurethane.  Remember to let the first polyurethane completely dry, lightly sand and coat it again for the smoothest results.
sofa shelf3
To attach the shelf to the wall I used two of these IKEA brackets. 
sofa shelf4
Fasten to wall and replace ugly vent that will now be visible from the side.
sofa shelf5
What an easy and inexpensive fix to a common problem.   Don’t let vents dictate where you place your furniture ever again.
sofa shelf6
sofa shelf7
sofa shelf8
sofa shelf9
sofa shelf10
Since the family room has been progressing nicely, here are a few things I’ve added since the last post.
This lamp has quickly become my most favorite of the new lamps.  I just love how different it is.
sofa shelf and lamp1
family room lamp1
A few more driftwood pieces…
family room driftwood1
and an interesting 3D vintage bicycle canvas.
family room picture1 family room picture2
And a couple of corn husk pumpkins to kick off fall.
family room husk pumpkins

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  1. I love this idea not only functional, but it really is pretty and adds a place to display behind the sofa. Fabulous idea. Thanks for the tutorial. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are so smart although in our house this would be quickly taken over by the cat as it has him name written all over it! This is such an easy fix Lisa for a common problem ~ I am so glad you thought of it!

  3. This is an amazing solution to a common problem. Plus it gives you a neat display area. Hope you don't mind, but I shared this on my FB page!!

  4. Love to know where you got the 3D bicycle canvas and pumpkins.

    1. The pumpkins came from Kirklands while I was in the US recently and the 3D bicycle canvas came from Hobby Lobby. Two amazing stores we don't have here in Canada.

  5. Your room is so pretty! I have been wondering about doing the same thing with the shelf. You just have convinced me. It looks so much better when the couch isn't right against the wall.

    1. Thanks Stacey
      We made the shelf out of necessity, but I have to admit, I think it looks better that way as well. Just adds a bit of interest to an otherwise boring wall that I have there.

  6. Love this idea!! And your room is beautiful :) Thanks, Cindy

  7. Great ideal. Gives a wonderful place to sit things but doesn't take up half as much room as a sofa table! Brilliant!!!

  8. Fabulous idea! Makes me wish my sofa's were up against a wall. :)

  9. Found you via Hometalk and I am so glad I did. I love this sofa table idea. Such a smart solution! Your living room is just lovely.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  10. Excellent idea! I will have to try that! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Ashley w/

  11. I have the same type of shelf behind my couch in my current apartment. But I'm moving... I would like to use it again but my purple/plum accent wall (where the shelf will be) has a unattractive window about 3 inches higher than the shelf. I would like to figure out a way to dress up or hide the window. The shelf was custom made and stained to go with my 10ft couch. I also absolutely love the idea of having my lighting behind me so I cut holes for lamps. Any suggestions? I wish I could post pictures so you could see what I'm working with :-/

  12. I love this idea. Your room looks so warm and cozy.

  13. Your sofa table is brilliant! I have those brackets, I could do that!

  14. I'm out on the Bay of Fundy FAR FAR FAR from any Ikea, but am thinking Home Depot probably has the brackets too. My eccentric little house here not only has baseboard heaters under the windows but the rooms are narrow, so this will solve TWO problems in one fell swoop. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Hi, I love your bicyle canvas, I have one similar but would like another one, do you know the name of the maker?

  16. I don't know who the maker is, but I got it at Hobby Lobby.


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