Friday, October 2, 2015

Burlap Scarecrow

Fall is undoubtedly my season. 
While flowers are fading and leaves change and fall, I seem to come alive.  I particularly love decorating at fall.  Crafts seem to come easier for me at this time of year too.
Instead of a wreath, this year I decided to do something a little different.
Meet Stitch.
Burlap Scarecrow 1
Such a friendly face.
This is how he came to be.

Right now Michaels has their fall stuff on sale so I got some pretty good deals.  The hat is foam and from Michaels also.  The yellow leaf branch is from the dollar store and was $2.
Burlap Scarecrow 2
The foam disc is roughly 2 inches deep by 10 inches in diameter.
Burlap Scarecrow 3
I actually left the plastic wrap on the disc then covered the top and sides with some batting.
Burlap Scarecrow 4
Then I bagged his head to keep all the batting in place.
Burlap Scarecrow 5
I bought the burlap at a fabric store.  I got 3/4 of a meter and that was more than enough.
Burlap Scarecrow 6-horz 1
Gather up and tie with twine or anything you have, you wont see it.  Leave long ties, you’ll use them for tying his corn husk bow tie later.
Burlap Scarecrow 8
Burlap Scarecrow 10
At this point we stapled the hat on.
Don’t do that.
The staples didn’t hold.  We hot glued the rim of the hat to the burlap head. HOLD IT until it is good and dry!  My amazing husband is always that extra set of  hands for me.  He helps me all the time.  While I glued, he held the hat on good and tight.  I even put a few straight pins in for extra hold.
Burlap Scarecrow 9 Fold the back of the hat to a point shape.  you’ll use the folds later to attach some wire to hang him with.
Burlap Scarecrow 11
Here comes the fun part.
I actually fiddled around with his mouth for a while.  Expression is so important.
Hot glue the eyes and felt nose.
I dabbed a little hot glue on a few spots on the mouth to keep the craft yarn in place when I got the expression I wanted.
Burlap Scarecrow 12
Hot glue some eyebrows.
I swear his eyes followed me wherever I went.
I threaded a darning needle with the same black craft yarn and threaded it under one fiber of the weave, crossed it over the mouth and then under another fiber.  Cut and leave little tails as seen in the picture below.  I also used a small dab of hot glue at the ends of those little tails to make sure they wouldn’t fray any more.
Burlap Scarecrow 13a This little bundle of corn came from Michaels, but you can get anything that has some straw or corn husks and use it.  I bought 3 of these.  Two I used whole and one I took apart.
Burlap Scarecrow 14
Hot glue the corn husks and straw where the hat meets his head.
Burlap Scarecrow 16
Burlap Scarecrow 15 
Stitch was getting a little saucy with me here.Burlap Scarecrow 17
Twist the two  Corn husk bundle stems to make a bow tie for him.
Burlap Scarecrow 18
Burlap Scarecrow 19
Add your dollar store bandana
Burlap Scarecrow 20
From this point there is no instruction other than to arrange your leaves whichever way you like.  Attach leaves to come from inside the bandana and also on his hat to look like leaves have just fallen on him.  It’s all up to you.
Burlap Scarecrow 21
We, (and I say we cause my husband did it),  poked a hole through the hat with a good sturdy wire and that’s what he hangs from.  And because I didn’t take a picture of that.. here is what it looks like (kinda).
Burlap Scarecrow 22
Burlap Scarecrow 23
I couldn’t find one the right size, but if you can find a small crow to stick on his head that would be a great addition, because I don’t think Stitch looks mean enough to scare them away.
Burlap Scarecrow 24
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