Monday, January 4, 2016

3 Tiered Platter/Stand

Just before Christmas I bought a 3 tiered stand that I wanted to use for Christmas Décor.  But even as I bought it, I knew exactly how I would use it after Christmas.  As a matter of fact, aside from these  two very different uses as pictured below, I also cant wait to use it for entertaining as a 3 tiered antipasto platter and even a beautiful display for desserts.  Perhaps I’ll  update this post as I get pictures of those.
3 tiered platter christmas 1
3 tiered platter christmas 2
3 tiered platter christmas 3
After the decorations are put away…
I shopped my kitchen for a few little bits that  I use frequently.  Now they’re at my fingertips.
3 tiered platter 5a
3 tiered platter 2a
3 tiered platter 3a
I tried it on my kitchen table and I liked it there, but I love it more on the kitchen island.
3 tiered platter 4a
Looking forward to switching it up a bit as the seasons change.  Perhaps I’ll update with seasonal pictures as well.
3 tiered platter 6a
I don’t know what the U.S. equivalent is to our Canadian Tire store, but this 3 tiered beauty was available at Canadian Tire for about $55.  I’ve seen the exact same thing on different sites for twice that much.
3 tiered platter 7a
Just a little something from my home to yours.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Replies
    1. Elizabeth Ann and Paula. I actually found it on the site. But I'm not sure how long they'll have it available.

  2. You are so smart! I love multi use items ~ it would be a dumping ground here I am sure :)

  3. Thanks! Apparently I cannot have it shipped to me in the US. :( Boy do I love it though!!!

  4. Love it !! I'm trying to find a similar one. What is the diameter of the largest tray?


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