Monday, September 26, 2016

Easy Leafy Pumpkin

This autumn pumpkin craft is so easy you can make it in a couple of  hours.
Who doesn’t love that?
Everything, with the exception of the pumpkin itself, came from the dollar store.  You might get lucky and find a pumpkin you like at the dollar store but I didn’t.  This pumpkin came from Michaels Craft Store and with the help of my handy dandy 40% off coupon, it made this find that much better.
leafy pumpkin 15 b
leafy pumpkin 11 a
Doesn’t matter what color the pumpkin is  and no you don’t need to paint it before you start.
leafy pumpkin 2
Leafy pumpkin 1
Take all the leaves off the stems.
I put the pumpkin in a bowl upside down so I could start gluing leaves on from the bottom up.
If you noticed the Mod Podge in the background that is what I thought I might do, but ended up switching to hot glue instead.
leafy pumpkin 3
All leaves should face DOWNWARD when looking at your pumpkin right side up, so make sure you glue them all facing down.
Hot glue down the stem and around the edge of the leaf.
leafy pumpkin 8
Again, all leaves are facing down.
leafy pumpkin 9
When all your leaves on are, it will look something like this…. and I liked it like this! But I chose to add some twine along a few of the creases from stem to bottom.
I twisted three pieces of twine together for each strand to be glued.
leafy pumpkin 10
leafy pumpkin 12-horz a
Add a couple of pine cones to the top and it’s done.
Literally two hours, (gabbing and coffee drinking included).
leafy pumpkin 14
leafy pumpkin 16
leafy pumpkin 6
For more awesome and creative Fall Crafts, be sure to visit the site that is jam-packed with ideas, including many from yours truly!

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