Friday, August 19, 2016

Spa Inspired Master Bathroom –Complete

What a relief.
After 9 years of renovations in this house, and with every room being overhauled in some way, major or minor, we have just about come to the end. This is the last room (for major reno’s anyway.)
I put this job off for obvious reasons.  The mess in the bedroom, being without a bathroom and shower for a period of time and just basically the length of time to complete it.  When you do the majority of work yourselves the projects seem to take forever.
As I stated before, when it comes to the before pictures, well yeah, I’m embarrassed to say that I used this bathroom the way it was for 9 years.  Yes, for 9 years I looked at this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Every time I walked in this bathroom I grumbled.
So here it is in all its glory.
The dreaded before pictures.
Ensuite before 1b

To understand how truly awful this bathroom was, I need to show you the layout. One third of the bathroom was taken up with this tub and almost one third was taken by the shower, which left me with one very small, crammed vanity.  The shower was enclosed in drywall with only a small glass shower door for ventilation.  I was constantly battling mold, even with leaving the fan running and the window open.
Drawing of before ensuite
Now I have nothing against these big ol’ tubs but in a bathroom this size it was just lunacy.
It isn’t a particularly large bathroom and since we already have two other tubs in the house, this one is being evicted!
ensuite before 2
You see how the bathroom door opens in this picture below?
Really ??
There’s a shower behind that door.  A closed off, dungeon of a shower.
ensuite before 3
Oh there it is!
Notice the discolored doors on that fabulous vanity and the marble threshold base of the shower door caked with silicone.  Truly beautiful indeed.
ensuite before4
ok, have you had enough?  Are your eyes burning yet ?
Alright, now lets demolish this sucker.
ensuite during 1
ensuite during 4
ensuite during 2
I feel better already.
Notice the drastic drop in ceiling height inside the shower.  We’ll raise that to the bathroom ceiling level.
ensuite during 3
It’s never a good thing when you find mold in the shower insulation.
ensuite during 6
Bet you weren’t expecting this?
Yup, everything came out, drywall and floor.  All the plumbing had to be moved.
There’s always a point in every project where I start to think I’m crazy for starting it.  This was it.
ensuite during 5
Without anymore gritty details, lets put it all back together.
ensuite reno 1
ensuite reno 2
And finally ….
spa inspired ensuite bathroom 3
ensuite reno after 1
ensuite reno after 2
I am so in love with this shower now.  Love the wood tiles and the Sand Dune colored flat pebble floor is just awesome.
ensuite reno after 3
ensuite reno after 4ensuite reno after 5
ensuite reno after 6
ensuite reno after 7
ensuite reno after 8
Nothing over the toilet area yet, but I’ll wait to find the right thing.
ensuite reno after 11
How about a side-by-side?
before after 1
before after 2
before after 3
Weeks and weeks of hard work went into this one.  I can’t post this without thanking dear, sweet Luca for his time, his labor and his help in overseeing the project when we weren’t there. And of course Mr. Charming…..Love you both!


  1. So pretty! I especially love the shower and your cabinetry - great job!!!!

  2. Wow what a huge change for the better :) Beautiful!

  3. WOW!!!! You give me hope for my master bath and huge tub (that we never use, btw). Gorgeous tile in the shower and I love the vanity and the cupboard. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is breath taking beautiful !!! I could stand in here for hours just looking at the beauty !

  5. it looks fantastic, very old world quality mixed with modern!! Enjoy !

  6. j'ai le plaisir de visiter votre blog.Bon courage.

  7. This is such a cool, looks amazing!
    Great Interior & furniture. Superb space.

  8. I don't know how I missed this but OMG ~ it is beautiful!! Love that pebble tile.

  9. Truly a makeover deluxe! You must be thrilled every time you walk in! I have to ask why the tub faucet is in the shower?

    1. I believe the faucet you're referring to is called a toe tester. I had the option to leave it out but I wanted it. Most nights in the summer after wearing flipflops all day, I like to wash my feet before bed. The toe tester along with the bench make that very easy. Also I find it easy to wash down the shower. I grab a cup, load up the water and pour it over the walls that I've just cleaned, without having to actually take a shower while I'm in there. I find the toe tester a very useful addition.


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