Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Faux Fur Antler Wreath

Ever since I saw the fall  faux fur wreath at Pier 1 Imports, I’ve been wanting to do my own.   I wanted to do mine up for Christmas.
When I first looked for faux fur I couldn’t find it.  I even went to a fabric store but it was about $35-$50 per yard.   Thankfully I didn’t buy it from there.
I finally found the most perfect of all faux furs!  Faux Fur Ribbon.
You won’t believe where I found some of the other materials I used.
faux fur antler wreath 3
I was so lucky to find this faux fur at Michaels. It comes in a ribbon, perfect for winding around a wreath.
One of these (3 yard) packages is enough for one 14” foam wreath.   At the time I bought it, they were having a buy one get one sale.  So you just may see another fur project very soon.
faux fur antler wreath 4
This is what the underside of it looks like.
faux fur antler wreath 5
At first I wrapped it around like this just to see if I liked it.
I actually liked it very much. For this first wreath though, I had envisioned smooth fur.
faux fur antler wreath 6
The first thing we did, (and I say WE, because it was a two person job) was wrap the fur on the inside of the wreath.  Measure how much you’ll need and cut to fit.
Apply hot glue to the underside of the ribbon and flatten it out against the inside of the foam wreath as much as you can, ensuring that you get glue right to the edges so nothing lifts.
faux fur antler wreath 7
The most amazing thing about this fur ribbon is that  it covers the entire foam wreath when you cover the inside of the wreath and then the outside.  Made to measure!
Now you’ll measure how much ribbon you need, cut it and hot glue it to the outside of the wreath.
faux fur antler wreath 8
When you start to glue the outside on make sure you pull it flat to  meet the edges of the inside ribbon. 
faux fur antler wreath 9
They really do match up perfectly.
faux fur antler wreath 10
Of course when it comes to decorating any wreath you can surely add whatever you like.  Here are some of the materials I used.   Note:  I didn’t use the feathers.  Just couldn’t find use for them here.
All of the below are found at Michaels Craft Stores.
faux fur antler wreath 11
The branch with the berries was found at the dollar store.  I just wanted a few snow covered items and berries for color.
faux fur antler wreath 12
These grassy things were an interesting find. I cut these off the ornamental grass in my back yard.
When I first cut them they looked like this and I loved them.
faux fur antler wreath 13
The day after, they looked like this.
When I first saw them a day later, I had no idea they had morphed into this!
I just stared at them thinking, ‘Where did these come from?’
But, I decided to use them anyway, because they looked so interesting.
faux fur antler wreath 14
We attached the antlers with some green craft wire and when they were exactly as I wanted, I hot glued them in place.
Attach the antlers at the bottom of the wreath where the ribbons join.
faux fur antler wreath 15
Here is where my tutorial leaves you.
I’m pretty focused when I work on projects.  At times I forget to take pictures as I go along and this was one of those times.  
I will tell you that I attached the mixed pine bush pick first.  I only used one.  The other pieces were all arranged around that pick.  With the exception of the pine pick, I disassemble all other pieces of d├ęcor before I put anything on.  Everything gets cut into pieces and is put on separately.
Before I knew it, it looked like this.
faux fur antler wreath 21
The spindly-twiggy thingies were from the grass thingies I cut in the back yard. (I’m sure no further clarification is needed.)
faux fur antler wreath 16
faux fur antler wreath 17D

faux fur antler wreath 19faux fur antler wreath 20
I’m so hooked on this Christmas, winter, fur wreath, I think I’ll make another…  
‘seasonally neutral’ Be right back
faux fur antler wreath 19a
antlers christmas
We wish you the Merriest !


  1. Beautiful Lisa! I never jumped on the antler bandwagon but I know lots have and love them. That fur is so fun and sophisticated looking.

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm going to Michaels!

  3. absolutely beautiful !! I love the "thingies" from your yard.

  4. Wow! It's one of the nicest ones I've seen.


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