Monday, November 28, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

By the time the master bedroom ensuite was finished I knew the bedroom was in need of a face lift.

bedroom makeover 18 a

There are a number of words I can use to describe this bedroom, drab, dull, lackluster.. uninspired perhaps?

But by the same token, the entire house had to be renovated one room at a time, and this one just kept getting moved to the end.

It’s not a bad little room Charlie Brown, it just needs a little love.

bedroom makeover 1

A side note on the extension cord under the bed.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why builders would put ONE plug on that wall that is directly behind the bed in the middle of the wall.  Who does that ?  Don’t they know both night stands need power ?

Lets show this room some love!
Basically the first couple of things I wanted to accomplish was to fix that dumb power outlet issue.  I wanted outlets on each side of the bed.  Also, those lamps!  Oh those lamps.  They take up half the night stand.  Need. Sconces. Now.

Moving the bed away from the wall you can see the original plug behind, which we now ran to both sides of the bed as well as wiring for the sconces.  This wall is going to be completely covered so cutting out large drywall pieces was not an issue.

bedroom makeover 2

These switches are perfect for the sconce on the wall and for my phone charger at nights.

bedroom makeover 3

Enter these lanterns.  I knew right away I wanted outdoor lanterns for this room.  The choices are amazing when you have indoor AND outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from.

bedroom makeover 4

I’ve always wanted an interior brick wall and here was my chance to get one.
These faux brick panels can be found at Home Depot and are of course a fraction of the cost of a real brick veneer. 

But, not only was I not crazy about the color of this panel I also am not a fan of the seams that show.  That didn’t matter because it was never going to stay like this anyway.  These panels were bought with something else in mind.

bedroom makeover 5

bedroom makeover 6

In case you missed a previous post regarding the wall treatment called German Smear, you can read that here.

This picture was my inspiration for this wall.
Faux brick wall inspiration
This is a totally amazing technique to use on any faux or real brick wall.  I achieved the exact look I was going for.

german smear 5[9]

We had some nails pop on the wall when we were doing renovations in the ensuite.  We also moved the light and fan switches from the outside of the bathroom to the inside of the bathroom. 

The bedroom was then painted white.  I wanted the painted walls to recede while the brick wall took complete focus in the room.

bedroom makeover 7

When all is said and done, finally a retreat that I just can’t get enough of.

bedroom makeover 8

I love the look of these outdoor lanterns on the brick panels.

bedroom makeover 9

All the linens you see below were found at Linen Chest.  After searching all over, buying and returning 2 previous coverlets, I finally found what I was looking for at Linen Chest.  Prices were amazing.

bedroom makeover 10

I haven’t put anything on the brick wall yet as I’m still undecided about how much of it I want to cover.  I’m enjoying it the way it is.

bedroom makeover 11

I also found a great little shag carpet that’s totally amazing to step onto on a cold morning.

bedroom makeover 13

bedroom makeover 14

bedroom makeover 15

bedroom makeover 12a

bedroom makeover 17

In case you didn’t see the ensuite bathroom makeover, you can catch that here.

It’s one very drastic renovation!

bedroom makeover 16

There are still some finishing touches to be done in this room.   I have a window treatment that I need to get started and of course the right pictures and accessories to complete the look.  I never rush these things.   I’ll take my time to find the right ones.

But for now, I’ll enjoy it like this.

bedroom makeover 18

To see how the GERMAN SMEAR was done click here!
I finally found something for above the bed.
I didn’t want a picture to block out the brick wall.  I wanted something that would show the wall behind and I finally found something I really liked.
bedroom bike 1a

I LOVE this bike that I found at Michaels.  It just needed a little added touch.

bedroom bike 8a

bedroom bike 9a


  1. Wonderful! Absolutely love it! Now I want to do that brick wall someplace in my house

  2. Love it! What paint color did you use on the other walls?

  3. Very cute! How did you attach the panels to the wall?

    1. The panels are attached with both construction adhesive and nails. We used a nail gun for ease and speed.

  4. Absolutely amazing! I love it!

  5. This images are looking really awesome. I was searching this type of images only as we want to renovate our house with the help of an interior designer.

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  6. I am going to try this ASAP!

  7. What a bedroom ! I really love your design and decorative bed room with all items separated on their place. To remodel your home and kitchen by best designer company. Home Renovation Design Regina

  8. Im thinking of doing similar paneling on our bedroom wall,. not for looks but because its FREEZING in the winter and hot in the summer. Have you noticed any insulated effect at all?

    1. My outside wall really wasn't cold or hot to begin with, so I can't say I have noticed any difference. If you're not doing this faux brick wall for looks it can be a lot of work for something you're doing for another reason all together. I'd look into taking down some drywall and adding an air/vapour barrier and extra insulation. Put the drywall back up, patch and paint.

  9. It is well renovating bedroom where you have shared before and after renovation pics of your room, It is really looking beautiful after renovation. Find the experienced Home Renovation Contractors Richmond Hill for renovation and improvement of your home.

  10. The beauty of home can only be improve by interior designing so we must to think about it.

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  11. Love it! I was going to buy wallpaper that looks like brick, but your idea might be even better. My room has the same layout except my room has vaulted ceiling. Beautiful job!

  12. Are these the 4' x 8' faux brick panels from Home Depot or Lowe's? I love how you painted them, going to check out your technique now :)

  13. You need to take part in a contest for one of the most
    useful blogs on the net. I am going to recommend this blog!

  14. This article help me. Thank your for sharing.

  15. Thanks for your tutorial! I love how it turned out. We are going to tackle a similar project in the next couple weeks. May I ask where you found your lanterns? They are perfect! (

  16. I have found that joint compound dries a little yellow...did this? I want it white..

  17. Actually I have never known drywall compound to yellow. It really shouldn’t yellow. Perhaps change the brand you use. This drywall compound is still as white as the day I applied it. Check around for different brands where you are.

  18. We don't have a home depot but our home improvement store had a darker dark red brick/black mortar. Would this be too dark to work with the drywall compound. Also, would it be possible to use pre-mix grout since it looks more like mortar.


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