Friday, August 21, 2009

How CRATE-tive ! (ok that was bad)

It's coming up on Apple Season soon. I will make a point of going apple picking this year for sure. My mother makes the best apple pies, so I'll pick a few dozen and keep her busy all fall! Ha! Aside from reaping the obvious benefit from that, I'm going to try to score a few apple crates for myself. Some inspiring apple crate ideas....

I just love this next shelf idea.
Although I like the crates in their natural state
these look amazing painted.

I just want this whole setup in my backyard.


  1. Hi Lisa , I love the crate shelf , too. Who would have thought?! I'll be on the look out for some of those. Sue

  2. Love the all of apple crates, painted or natural.
    Great ideas, thanks

    Barbara Jean

  3. Love all these! Did you paint or stain the bookshelf (6th picture down)? What color and brand did you use? THanks!


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