Saturday, August 1, 2009

Suite Dreams

It was time to redecorate my youngest daughters room.
I picked up this set of dressers for an excellent price.
It had great bones and I was antsy to get going on it!

I wandered into a Goodwill store a few weeks ago
and I'm sure this headboard was just brought out.
There's no way this beauty would have lasted very long.

It all fit so nicely together.

A few accessories for now to set it off.
More to come.

Still have some curtains and some more little things to add..
Will update when it's finished!

A few coats of Dove White.
The headboard just needed a little something to bring out the true beauty.
A beautiful curved footboard to go with it.


  1. You did a BEAUTIFUL job! I'm sure your Daugher must just love it...

    I just put up a NEW POST on my Blog! If you have a chance, come by and say hi!

    Have a great week,

  2. ok, does she have slumber parties LOL love your blog also :) gio


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